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N-trig Collaborates with Touch Technology Industry to Develop Metal Mesh Sensors for Pen and Multi-Touch Input


N-trig, provider of the DuoSense® pen and multi-touch user interface, today announced that it has joined forces with the touch technology industry to support the development of metal mesh sensors and other alternative technologies for pen and multi-touch input. The company is currently working with UniPixel Displays, Inc., Mutto Optronics Corporation and Fujifilm and on a variety of metal mesh sensor configurations, which will ultimately serve as alternatives to the Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)-based touch screens used in most mobile computing devices today.

“N-trig is an optimal partner for us, as they are committed to pioneering new technologies in the touch space,” said Reed Killion, president & CEO, UniPixel Displays. “Our initial UniBoss™ - DuoSense® builds already improve upon the traditional ITO solution, demonstrating superior pen and touch performance. Such a cost effective, high resolution pen and multi-touch platform opens many new opportunities.”

The primary benefits of mesh sensors include:

  • Reduced Fabrication Cost: Single-layer room temperature printing is significantly less costly and complex than the ITO technique, which requires multiple layers, high temperatures and dedicated clean rooms.
  • Flexibility: Because the mesh sensor is fabricated on film instead of glass, it enables curved system designs and allows touch to be wrapped over edges.
  • Thinner Configurations: Meets the market demand for thinner and lighter devices.
  • Improved Pen Performance: Due to lower resistance across the surface of the sensor, mesh sensors provide an improved touch response. This provides a number of advantages, including a stronger and more accurate pen signal for processing, higher hover height and better signal uniformity over the full sensor area.

“While we continue to work with our current ITO sensor partners, we constantly look for emerging alternative sensor solutions that will provide enhanced DuoSense® performance and reduce the solution cost for our OEM partners,” said Amichai Ben-David, CEO, N-trig, Ltd.

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N-trig DuoSense® offers a complete solution to the ever-increasing demand for productivity on the move, utilizing pen capabilities for greater levels of interactive creativity, and advancing basic touch consumption to a much greater potential for simultaneous input, for a true Hands-on computing experience. Supporting various Windows, Linux and Android distributions, DuoSense can be implemented across a wide variety of form factors, including slates, netbooks, tablets and desktop replacements, supports all LCDs and a wide variety of industrial design options for mobile products, and keeps devices slim and light. N-trig has offices in Israel, the US, Taiwan, China and Japan. For more information, please visit

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