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ChinaJoy: China's Game Talents, Core Value of Game Company


With a rapid growth of China's game companies, the R&D talents are becoming the core value of the company and also have therefore been overprotected by the company itself.

The recent 4th China Game Developers' Award (CGDA), the only award targeting China's game developers, provided a sound evidence. The major awards in the professional category saw a lot of group candidates, but seldom individual candidates or winners, which is quite the contrary to the fact that game producers and independent developers are the major contestants for international awards.

In fact, utilizing the producers' fame and reputation for marketing purposes is common among China's game enterprises, but those producers in question are with little exception foreigners. Chinese producers are out of public sight, except that Shanda announced a group of Chinese game producers a few years ago. As a result, millions of Chinese game players have little knowledge of China's game development sector, while the developers become weak and unable to establish personal visibility.

China's game industry is still at a startup stage, heavily depending on imported game products. The game companies achieved great success in game operation and tend to emphasize operation much more than game development. Although the industry players have come to realize that currently the game players have a different taste for games, it is difficult for them to abandon the “operation first” concept. As for many development teams that are acquired by operators, the developers constantly receive interference from their operation-oriented bosses and play an insignificant role in decision-making.

In addition, due to the companies' protection policies, the development staffs are simply rewarded with their salaries and dividends from their products, and they stay behind the scenes, lacking the sense of achievement and honor. As a result, the development teams are hard to retain talents and the consistency and quality of product development is poisoned. The establishment of CGDA is to help bring those outstanding game developers to the front stage.

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