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Superfocus Launches Next-Generation Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses


Superfocus LLC, creators of award-winning / revolutionary adjustable focus eyeglasses, today launched its new Leonardo Collection. Leonardo offers alternative style, together with user-friendly technology, at a more affordable price.

Superfocus Launches Next-Generation Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses (Photo: Business Wire)

Superfocus Launches Next-Generation Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses (Photo: Business Wire)

Superfocus glasses allow users to adjust focus for perfect clarity, at any distance, through the entire lens. All it takes is a simple touch to the bridge of the glasses. Unlike bifocals or progressives, Superfocus lenses have no zones or lines. For this reason there is no distortion, blurriness or ‘jump' in the wearer's field of view. Superfocus also eliminates the need to carry multiple pairs of glasses for different tasks or activities – they work under any lighting condition and are ideal for virtually any leisure or professional activity. The intended market is the 70 million Americans who wear prescription glasses to correct presbyopia*.

The Leonardo Collection

With its next-generation, the Leonardo Collection, eyeglass design has been reimagined. Leonardo offers the superior optical quality inherent in Superfocus Technology, but with more conventional styling.

The Superfocus Leonardo collection features ‘Focus Module + Frame' construction.

The Focus Module, produced in the company's manufacturing facility in southern California, incorporates an updated version of Superfocus' patented adjustable focus technology. It includes an easy-to-use wheel (located on the bridge), which enables clear focus to be dialed-in effortlessly.

Leonardo Collection frames are custom-crafted in Italy from the highest quality cellulose acetate. They are initially available in attractive light or dark tortoise, and their styling is ideal for all-day wear.

Leonardo Collection glasses may be ordered with clear, tinted, or Transitions® front lenses to fit each individual's preference and lifestyle.

Leonardo's new mechanical design is intended for larger volume manufacture. Consequently Superfocus will also introduce new, more accessible, pricing.

“The Leonardo Collection represents a giant leap forward,” said Adrian Koppes, president of Superfocus LLC. “Via innovation, we have found a way not only to dramatically enhance stylistic flexibility, but also to benefit from more efficient manufacturing. As a result, Superfocus can now offer its high technology, fully focus-adjustable glasses for about the same price typically paid for a decent pair of progressives. Feedback from field testing of Leonardo glasses has exceeded even our own high expectations. Early users love their stylish appearance, superb optical quality, and new focusing wheel.”

About Superfocus

Superfocus glasses are the world's only eyeglasses offering on-demand, user-adjustable, continuously variable focus through the entire field of view. Superfocus are available from eye care professionals or at

Superfocus technology has been awarded several prestigious awards, including the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, the Popular Science Best of What's New Award, and the iF/International Forum Design Award. Superfocus glasses are scratch-resistant and anti-reflective, include Easy Care coatings, and protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Superfocus products are covered by a wide array of patents and patents pending.

* Presbyopia: A normal consequence of aging in which the eye's crystalline lens becomes less flexible, making it difficult to focus on nearby objects.

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