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Fear of Facing a Bad Credit Report Greater Than Fear of Heights, Spiders, Snakes and Public Speaking


ARIZONA — Don't let anyone tell you that public speaking, spiders and snakes are people's greatest fears—facing and repairing bad credit beats them all, says Jeremy Maher, CEO and Founder of, and'You wouldn't think that something like a number on a piece of paper could scare us more than a big hairy spider, slithery snake, or even speaking in public, but it does,' Maher said.

'People see a bad credit report as more than just a number. It's like some kind of monster out to get them. It's just paper with scores and numbers and data. But, it sums up how they feel about themselves. If their credit score is bad, they think they are too, and that's just not true.

To combat the fear, anger, frustration and depression most people feel when trying to improve their credit, Maher offers six simple tips.

  • Repair your credit yourself. You don't have to go to an agency. It's not rocket science. You can learn to write the letters and find the errors on your report yourself for under $200, about $1,000 less than credit repair agencies cost. Doing it in the privacy of your own home means you don't have to share your financial laundry with a stranger.

  • Don't spend any more than 15 minutes a day working on repairing your credit. Baby steps are the key to successful credit repair. Set a timer and work for 15 minutes a day, every day. When the timer goes off, put things away and come back again tomorrow. It may take longer, but you know it's going to be over fast.

  • Never work on your credit report or letters to collection agencies when you're tired, hungry, and angry or in a bad mood. Pick a time that won't make you feel rushed. Right before bed isn't good, but after dinner might be perfect.

  • Eliminate distractions — no television, no kids, no phone calls. It's just for 15 minutes, so anything other than the house burning down can wait.

  • Have a friend you can call for support before and after. You don't have to tell them the details, but ask them to go for a walk, or just talk. If you and your spouse are working on your reports together, agree not to get angry, critical or sarcastic, and to be supportive of each other through the process. 

  • Take deep breaths. If, like many people, you feel a panic attack coming on when you sit down with your finances, take several deep breaths and tell yourself to relax. It's only for 15 minutes remember? Afterwards, do something fun, something physical, like talking a walk, playing ball with your kids, exercising, or even relaxing in a hot bath.

Millions of people have successfully repaired their credit and you can too,' Maher said. For free tips on repairing your credit legally, and from the comfort of your own home, visit Maher's blog at or

Jeremy Maher graduated with a degree in Finance from the Owen College of Business at Eastern Michigan University. He has worked in retail lending, debt negotiation, wholesale lending, automotive finance, commercial lending and collections where he reviewed thousands of credit reports before opening his own debt relief agency. He closed his business when he learned he could help people repair their own credit legally and more cheaply than through an agency. He blogs about credit, myths, facts and credit law at:

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