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Cray Wheels, Purveyors of Wheels Exclusively for Corvettes, Introduces New Hawk Model


New aftermarket Corvette wheels promise improved traction off the line and in the curves with staggered fitments, up to 10.5 inches wide and in diameters from 17 to 20-inches.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

The Corvette crowd is all about equal doses of style and performance. Now both can be enhanced with the addition of new Custom Corvette Wheels from Cray. The new Corvette Wheels, named Hawk, enable Corvette owners to set themselves apart from stock ‘Vettes and increase rubber on the road for upgraded performance.

“Every Corvette owner strives to make their ride a one-of-a-kind,” observed Cray Wheels President Terence Scheckter. “The just-introduced Cray Hawk model is an opportunity to achieve a unique identity within the Corvette community. And with our light-alloy, precision manufacturing methods, we're pushing Corvette performance in the direction ‘Vette owners demand,” Scheckter added.

The Hawk Model is offered in four distinct finishes; chrome, matte black, gloss black with a Chrome Stainless cut lip and in silver with a machine face and Chrome Stainless lip, giving owners more customizing options. As a design, engineering and manufacturing concern focused solely on wheels for all models of Corvette, Cray understands the critical importance of achieving precisely the right diameter, width and offset, both front and rear.

That means Corvette drivers can count on just the right wheel whether they are in the market for Corvette aftermarket wheels for C4 Corvette Wheels, C5 Corvette Wheels,C6 Corvette Wheels, Z05, Z06 model Corvettes, for 2012 Corvette wheels or 2013 Corvette wheels. Cray Hawk Corvette Custom Wheels are presented in 17, 18, 19 and 20-inch diameters. While Corvettes with in 17-inch wheels require 9-inch widths front and back, Corvettes owners can upgrade to larger diameters, with rear wheels 1.5 inches wider than front wheels. This staggered footprint, as it is called, gives the rear drive wheels more rubber on the road, resulting in better lateral and linear traction and a more aggressive look. Cray engineers have designed Hawk wheels with the Corvette's unique combinations of wheel offset and backspace. Wheel offset on Corvettes is expressed as positive 50mm (front) and positive 65mm (rear), meaning the wheel centerline is offset away from the axle by that distance, providing a wider stance. Backspace measures how far the wheel intrudes into the wheel well towards the axle, and is important to ensure that there is no interference with suspension trailing arms or other mechanical systems.

All Cray Aftermarket Corvette Wheels are designed to accept the factory's checkered flag wheel center cap, and support Corvette tire pressure monitoring systems. Cray Corvette rims are hub centric, which ensures that they fit precisely over the center flange of the brake rotor so that the wheel is concentric with the wheel bearings for a truer, better balanced wheel/tire assembly and a smoother ride.

You can preview how the new Hawk model will look on your year, model and color Corvette by accessing Cray's online configurator, which provides a visual platform to “try on” various Cray wheels and finishes. Have all your Corvette Rims questions answered on the FAQ page. Check out the configurator to visually fit Cray wheels onto your vehicle . An online application guide enables Corvette owners to see all the various wheel sizes, finishes and specifications. Prices of Cray Wheels for Corvettes range from $300- $650. Cray wheels and are available at all better automotive tire and wheel dealers. For a dealer near you, call 1-800-479-9723 or visit Cray Wheels on the web at Cray Corvette dealers are located throughout North America and worldwide, including Discount Tire Direct at

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