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Vidacup International™ Reveals New Science


Vidacup International™ reveals it has market exclusivity for a scientific breakthrough on an ancient ingredient.

Mooresville, NC (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Vidacup has lifted the veil and revealed that all of its products will contain the incredible health promoting H1X1 Agaricus Blazei Super Concentrate. Named H1X1 in the lab, this patented mushroom has much higher levels of beta glucans, enzymes and other life enhancing nutrients than other health supporting mushrooms.

While medicinal mushrooms have been used in eastern culture for thousands of years, modern day science has developed a method of extracting the “health” out of mushrooms so that it could be delivered to ALL cultures. Vidacup International was there to offer the vehicle for delivery.
“H1X1 Super Concentrate is a name that does little justice to the incredible health benefits of this wonderful component in every serving of each Vidacup product. In a brief sentence, it has the ability to make your life better by directly supporting healthy immune function,” says Dr. Daria Davidson, Vidacup Chief Science Advisor. “It doesn't push your immune system, it fortifies your own capacity to modulate or adjust your natural mechanisms to maintain robust health.”
In a landmark study by Tokyo University National Cancer Center Laboratory and Tokyo college of Pharmacy, Agaricus Blazei was compared to the most commonly used “medicinal mushrooms” in traditional Chinese medicine. The research community was shocked to find that of the 15 species tested, Agaricus Blazei was the most powerful, while the least was Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi), even when the Reishi was given at three times the dose of the Agaricus. After 25 years, Agaricus Blazei remains the #1 selling mushroom for health support in Japan.

A global quest to identify an Agaricus strain that yielded the highest amounts of health promoting phytonutrients led to the pairing of the original strain from Brazil to a strain found in California. The new strain, named H1X1 by the researchers, was vastly more potent than the parent strains or any other identified strain of Agaricus Blazei of the hundreds they had tested. This resulted in a patent award to H1X1, and the protection of the H1X1 spores in temperature and humidity controlled vaults in the U.S. and Europe. Certified organic in both the US and Japan, H1X1 spores are genetically fingerprinted to verify purity before each crop is grown in tightly controlled, organic environments.

Vidacup's products use a super concentrated form of the H1X1 which comes from a unique, newly developed extraction process that releases more of the phytonutrients by gently opening select chemical bonds in the cell membrane. While in powdered form, H1X1 Super Concentrate is NOT powdered mushroom – it is the result of a multi-step process to optimize the power of H1X1.

Vidacup is proud to announce that it has been awarded exclusive worldwide licensing rights to this highly potent H1X1 Super Concentrate.

Vidacup International™ was founded by an innovative team of professionals dedicated to changing lives around the world through exceptional functional beverages infused with highly effective nutritional products while providing a rewarding opportunity for those who want to share them.

To learn more about Vidacup International, contact Donna Valdes, Chief Marketing Officer at (704) 770-8432, or online at

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