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Christian News Startup Takes Aim at Mainstream Anti-Christian Bias, Christian Hypocrisy

Share: is a Christian news startup that launched in October. While it may look on the surface like a standard faith-based news website, the strategy behind TheFaithNews is set to ruffle feathers in both the secular and Christian circles alike.

Long Island, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2012 went live on October 1st, and has had 2,000 visitors in its first month. At first glance, TheFaithNews seems like an ordinary run-of-the-mill conservative Christian (Bible-believing) news site, but beneath the surface lies a passion for truth that goes beyond agenda.

TheFaithNews isn't just artificial intelligence, automatically reposting content from across the web, rather, its a growing army of Christian writers, thinkers and theologians, all sharing insights into current events and groundbreaking happenings.

TheFaithNews is far from ordinary, much like its Editor-in-Chief.

Tim Evko is not your usual 20-year-old Long Islander. While many other young people are out partying on Friday nights, he sits at his computer, his face aglow by the bits of information streaming into his brain. As the Editor-in-Chief of, Evko has one purpose: Uplift light, expose evil, and tell the truth. It may seem like a no-brainer when it comes to news websites but unfortunately, many sites put their own agenda above the stories they seek to report or comment on.

"TheFaithNews isn't like anything else out there because its not about winning an election or an argument with someone. TheFaithNews reports on what affects people of Christian faith, and do it in an unrelenting manner that pushes the envelope," Evko said.

TheFaithNews is the brain child of Holypop Media Group founder Chris Carberg and Evko, who both share a passion for breaking news and a distrust of the mainstream media's ability to cover stories without an anti-Christian bias.

"You have to come out swinging when you're reporting on controversial topics, because at the end of the day you're held to account by your readers, and in our case, by God," Carberg said, "We challenge ourselves to constantly reinvent how we position our stories to be certain that we're never putting politics or power over principle." has a daily breaking-news link wall, consisting of the most pressing issues facing people of faith in America and abroad offering a quick digest of what's happening, and then the powerful articles that give the site its inherent attitude.

"TheFaithNews keeps the Christian community accountable, by also reporting on Christian hypocrisy. If there is a report about a church, ministry, or individual doing something wrong in the name of God, they can't call up our owners and demand it be taken down," Evko said, "Since TheFaithNews doesn't answer to any church, ministry, or para-church organization, the editors and writers are empowered control the truth, even if its ugly. That's what needs to be done."

While the tagline of is "Restoring Faith in News", the overarching goal is to share the oft-hidden stories that uplift and are hopeful, while promising to expose church and ministry abuses without batting an eyelash.

"One day it may be about a political issue, such as pro-life agenda or Government limiting free speech as it relates to faith, but the next day it could be reporting on a ministries abuses. Whatever it is, TheFaithNews always tries tell the truth with the love of Christ," Carberg said.

In just its first month, with over 2,000 visitors, TheFaithNews is growing and on its way to being a force in the fabric of Christian society.

"Our team just want people informed about what's going on, to be connected to what's happening in the world and how it really does affect their faith." Evko said.

About TheFaithNews is a conservative Christian news and information website centered on breaking-news links, in-depth articles commenting on news and faith-related happenings, and inspirational stories that inform and strengthen the reader. is not controlled by any mainstream media outlet, or church/ministry and is focused on a truth-first, agenda-later approach. has a dedicated group of professional citizen journalists and academics, and that is only expected to grow over time. Some key writers are: Dr. J.R. Miller, Amanda Casanova, Joshua Hill, Jenni Cannariato, Chuck McKnight and James Norman. Anyone interested in writing for TheFaithNews can connect on Twitter.

About Holypop Media Group LLC

Holypop Media Group LLC was founded in 2008, offering a Christian web-based educational community with quality biblical content, absolutely free ( Holypop is also is in the process of developing mobile apps, paid web applications, and solutions for churches and ministries.

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