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Kleritec Inc. Announces Business Website Expansion Today with an Expanded Internet Presence


Kleritec Inc. announced today the expansion of their new business website, Kleritec Inc. acquires struggling companies or distressed products in the health, athletic and imaging fields.

(PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Kleritec Inc. announced today the expansion of their new business website, Kleritec Inc. acquires struggling companies or distressed products in the health, athletic and imaging fields and restores them with marketing solutions and a focus on customer service. Kleritec Inc. retrains sales staffs and personnel and rewards high performance and imaginative problem solving as a way of boosting morale in failing companies.

With a focus on companies that have a strong customer base, Kleritec Inc. will use their newly expanded business website to forward their mission of revitalizing struggling companies and products. They pick projects that will succeed with the right incentives. Specializing in health care, childcare, athletics and imaging, Kleritec has prospered and grown in what the company describes as tough times.

Using personal representatives to communicate with the acquired companies has created an environment where staff members bring the most innovative ideas in the field to the fore. This has had the positive effect of motivating the sales staff of an acquired company. Each project company pursues goals, and Kleritec Inc. focuses on goal-oriented activities.

Kleritec Inc. has taken a medical company like Medistaph and marketed their swipe products as effective instruments in the CDC's war on the super-bug Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, also known as MRSA. Medistaph hand-wipes, formula 10 and disinfectant spray are just three products intended to battle MRSA. Medistaph markets them successfully under the leadership of Kleritec Inc. With a heightened awareness of medical issues facing everyone, Medistaph is in a good position to take advantage of the demand for their products. Kleritec Inc. has positioned them to succeed.

In education, Kleritec Inc. focuses on overstock and liquidated items to create creative school packs that provide educators with "fun packs" and "seasonal packs." The packs provide teachers and school officials everything they need to "meet the requirements of the school supply list," and at a savings. The packages make it easier for educators to fire children's imaginations, motivate them to do creative things and get the most out of their time. The packages help teachers fill the time with constructive activities.

As in the health care field, Medistaph's effort to fight the super-bug MRSA extends to athletics where the competition spreads the MRSA bug. Physical contact and hot moist environments create a breeding ground for MRSA. Football, rugby and wrestling are sports with potential MRSA infection situations and Medistaph's products help prevent the spread.

Citing global economic conditions that effect production and distribution of printing cartridges, Kleritec has brought ink cartridges for laser printers, fax machines and copy machines to the on-line marketplace as an authorized distributor. They are the only company with professionals who have spent over 20 years in the business, professionals who know the machines on the market and the right product to use.

Women, Infants and Children public health programs has created a market for Kleritec's line of Tumbler Cups, a brand of children's eating and drinking cups designed to be bisphenol free for the WIC market. The line includes Tumbler Cups, Heat-safe Infant's Spoons, toothbrushes and pacifiers at affordable prices. Kleritec says the products are the safest on the market and are of the highest quality.

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