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Hands N Paws Offers New Options for Dog Raincoats that Will Keep Dogs of all Sizes Warm and Dry this Fall and Winter


Hands N Paws, the leader in dog clothing and accessories, recently expanded their inventory of dog raincoats, offering over a hundred different options for pet owners who want to keep their dog dry and warm.

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Hands N Paws, a boutique online retailer of small dog clothing and accessories, recently updated their inventory of dog raincoats. With this substantial update, Hands N Paws now offers well over 100 different options for pet owners looking to outfit their dog during this potentially rainy fall weather. Couple this with the thousands of other accessories available from Hands N Paws, and there is no better place to purchase clothing and accessories for dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds.

With fall often being a time when many parts of the country can get some of their wettest conditions, Hands N Paws understands that pet owners will want to keep their dogs as dry as possible. Even with their fur coats, dogs and other animals are can be subjected to illnesses related to hypothermia, and the cold rain associated with this time of year can only exacerbate this potential problem. Additionally, dogs are not immune to getting colds, and there is nothing worse for a cold than frigid, damp conditions. This can especially be a problem for some of the smaller breeds, such as Pugs, Yorkies, and Chihuahuas, all of whom can have a hard time regulating their body temperatures when faced with extreme conditions. Larger dogs are not excluded from this problem, and keeping a dog warm and dry should be a priority for responsible owners.

In order to help all dog lovers keep their pets safe, Hands N Paws has raincoats available in different sizes and shapes that can fit a wide assortment of breeds. From rain slickers, to water resistant vests, to full body suits, there is a dog raincoat for almost any type of condition that Mother Nature may throw in a pet's way.

Hands N Paws also understands that time is of the essence when it comes to outfitting dogs in what can be unpredictable weather. As such, the dedicated customer service staff at Hands N Paws can help get pet owners their items fast, with multiple shipping options available. When placing an order, concerned pet owners are suggested to contact Hands N Paws so that the best shipping method can be determined. Hands N Paws prides themselves on their unparalleled, personal customer service experience, and won't rest until every potential customer is satisfied.

As the weather gets colder and wetter, it is more important than ever for pet owners to be prepared in order to keep their dogs safe and healthy. With the new dog raincoats available from Hands N Paws, responsible pet owners now have more options then ever to outfit their small, medium and large breed dogs.

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Hands N Paws is an online boutique pet clothing, accessories and supplies store specializing in unique items for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. With years of experience in the pet vertical, Hands N Paws offers customer service and knowledge that is unmatched in the industry. Visit the site online at

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