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It's the Perfect Time to Buy the Best Electronic Cigarette – Up to 35% Off V2 Cigs Products Plus Giveaways but It's Today Only


Halloween is the perfect day to purchase the best electronic cigarettes on the market, a V2 Cigs. There are a couple of things going on that make October 31st such a great day to go electronic. First of all, V2 Cigs is having an epic Halloween sale that is good for 20% off everything in their store. That 20% can be combined with coupons from popular e-cigarette website the E Cig Cabin for up to an amazing 35% off total. Additionally, the E Cig Cabin is also hosting a giveaway contest of V2 Cigs prizes until the end of October only. That means today. If shopping for that beloved smoker, now is the perfect time to get them the gift of a new, electronic life. Act today, act right now because both of these amazing opportunities end when the clock strikes midnight.

(PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Halloween of 2012 is packed full of surprises for all those electronic cigarette smokers out there. The headline of the day is obviously the huge V2 Cigs 20% off sale. But the sub-headlines, like the 15% off coupon and four times the order giveaway from the E Cig Cabin, are just as exciting. Especially considering all three of these amazing specials can be combined into one mega electronic cigarette package. So let's see what it's all about.

For those who don't know, V2 Cigs is typically referenced as the best electronic cigarette on the market. They've sold more electronic cigarettes and have better customer reviews than any other brand on the market. Their products generally create more vapor, taste better, and have a longer battery life. That's part of what makes this Halloween celebration such an exciting event.

“I bought a V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit for my husband on Christmas last year. Since then he's completely quit smoking tobacco. Our house smells better, he smells better, he feels better, I feel better and everything is just generally better. That's the power that V2 Cigs has on people's lives. It's coming up to holiday shopping time here, and I think a lot of people should consider purchasing a V2 Cigs starter kit for their beloved smokers. I hear that on Halloween you're going to be able to save up to 35% too,” said Sally Sinagra, a woman who bought her husband a V2 Cigs starter kit and never looked back.

So here's the deal. Today only, V2 Cigs products can be purchased for up to 35% off. This is because the overall 20% store discount can be combined with the coupon codes offered by the E Cig Cabin. They have a 15% discount code (EVAPE15) that applies to all starter kits and a 10% discount code (EVAPE10) that applies to everything else. That means 35% off all purchases of starter kits and 30% off purchases of everything else. V2 has never had a sale this big before. Never have customers been able to save up to 35% on anything from the V2 Cigs store.

But not only that, the E Cig Cabin is helping consumers out in another way too. They are offering a giveaway contest called the “Four Times Your Order Giveaway”. They are offering every person that makes a purchase during this super-sale the opportunity to enter the contents of their order into a form and be eligible to win four times whatever they ordered, no extra costs at all. Not even shipping.

For an example of how great this V2 Cigs Halloween sale and giveaway can really be, let's imagine the story of Jill. Jill buys a V2 Cigs Travellers Kit for her husband who is a heavy smoker. She automatically saves 20%. That brings it from $139.95 to $111.60. Then she enters coupon code EVAPE15 into the box during checkout. That brings it even further down from $111.60 to $90.96. From $139.95 to $90.96! Then, she heads over to the E Cig Cabin and enters her order into the giveaway form. Tomorrow, she finds out her name was picked for the contest. That means she wins three additional V2 Cigs Traveller Kits. So she paid a measly $90.96 and receives a total of four huge V2 Cigs starter kits. That's how unbelievable this Halloween can be.

If any readers out there are smokers or if they know a smoker who needs to quit, today is the perfect day to give them that push they're looking for. This sale is important because who knows if V2 Cigs will ever offer 20% off again. It's best to stock up with the holiday season coming up.

To save 35% on starter kits, enter code EVAPE15 at checkout. To save 30% on everything else, enter code EVAPE10 at checkout. To enter the E Cig Cabin's “Four Times Your Order Giveaway”, visit this form: and enter the order information in there. That's about all there is to it. Good luck on this day of amazing savings.

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