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Austin Dermatologist Seeks to Prevent Increasing Incidence of Skin Cancer with Educative Infographic


Four Points Dermatology brings understanding to the most common form of cancer in an infographic titled, “Slather On That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer”

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Four Points Dermatology, an Austin, TX dermatology company, today announced the release of their infographic titled, “Slather on That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer”. The infographic exposes the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer, explaining the three main types of skin cancer and revealing characteristics and statistics for each. Visually explained in the graphic are the symptoms, causes, prevention, and treatment options for skin cancer. With “Slather on That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer”, Four Points Dermatology is educating viewers that skin cancer prevention can be nearly effortless, and knowing what signs to look for can be life-saving.

Four Points Dermatology has recognized the alarming fact that incidence of skin cancer has increased 300% since 1994. “Slather on That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer” presents viewers with attributes and warning signs of the different types of skin cancer in an effort to educate and encourage people to seek treatment quickly if suspecting of a skin cancer growth. By creating awareness of what symptoms people should be looking for, Four Points Dermatology hopes that the increasing number in cases of skin cancer can be minimized.

"Our skin is the only organ that can easily convey to us that something unusual is going on, providing us an ability to protect ourselves from skin cancers, especially the dreaded Melanoma,” said Four Points Dermatology's Dr. Roopal Bhatt, M.D.

“We encourage everyone to look at their own skin and, of course, the skin of their loved ones once a month and use the "ABCDE" signs to know when to seek professional care. The life that you save may be your own or that of your loved ones”

Four Points Dermatology also emphasizes the importance of sun safety with "Slather on That Sunscreen: What You Should Know About Skin Cancer". Readers are reminded that there are quick and easy steps that can be taken for skin cancer prevention, like wearing sunscreen every season and wearing clothes that protect the skin during times of peak UV ray presence from the sun, most often being between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The infographic provides other important prevention tips for viewers such as avoiding indoor tanning and refraining from use of tobacco. Four Points Dermatology also encourages viewers to perform self-examinations every month as well as schedule yearly dermatology visits for body checks.

About Four Points Dermatology

Four Points Dermatology provides comprehensive dermatology and skincare service in Austin, Texas. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, individualized, and positive Austin skin care for patients of all ages and skin types. By empowering patients through education, we will foster the general health of the individual, the family, and the community in a modern and eco-friendly environment.

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