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Free Weight Loss Program - 40 Unique, Simple, & Natural Ways to Lose Weight


It's time to be realistic about weight loss. How many people can realistically expect to stick to a long-term "diet" program? How many can sustain super-intense workout regimens like P90X or Insanity? This free, 18-page weight loss report approaches weight loss in a realistic and unique way. is currently hosting this free report download.

(PRWEB) October 31, 2012

States author Vince DeStefano, "If you believe what the sales-oriented, mainstream diet and nutrition industry spews out, then you might just have the impression that weight loss requires a nifty set of rigorous workout DVDs, fancy fitness clothing, jaw-dropping before-and-after pictures, volumes of "groundbreaking, never-before-seen” dietary lecturing, drastic lifestyle changes, a dazzling celebrity endorsement, and continuous dollars thrown into the black hole of overweight desperation".

That's what this free weight loss report is all about. It contains 40 unique, "everyday" actions by which ANY person can realistically, reliably, and sustainably lose weight. Different from mainstream programs that sell quick-fix philosophies which are complicated and require intense commitment, the ideas in this new weight loss report instruct ordinary people with simple methods that can slip easily into everyday life.

Here are some of the ideas contained in the report:

--Learn the simple mathematical reality behind weight loss, and why it helps people lose weight as soon as they become conscious of it. (p10)
--Learn this extremely fast and safe method for reducing body weight almost immediately – hint: it will cost a dollar or two at the grocery store. (p6)
--Which bodily organ will naturally, organically burn more fat when working optimally, and how can someone make sure it is in peak form? (p12)
--Find out what to do at each meal or snack to enhance your weight loss (p8,10,14,17)
--Your dog can teach you something about weight loss and metabolism (p6)
--Can calorie counting assist with weight loss? Learn the simplified method… (p10)
--Discover handfuls of extremely easy habits to set into practice today to jump-start metabolism
--Learn one significant thing to avoid during the week and reserve for weekends only (if even then) for significant weight loss. (p6)
--Some weight loss is best achieved in the dark…at least, indirectly. (p7)

The diet and weight loss market is stuffed full of programs, systems, philosophies and gimmicks. It's a mulit-billion dollar industry, and preys on emotions to bait people into one failing program after another. The result is massive dollars wasted by the unwitting buyer, and a compounded frustration, depression, and desperation from overweight folks genuinely looking to drop pounds.

This small report, "40 Simple, Free Natural, & Unique Ways to Lose Weight This Week", purports to be a fresh approach. It's something of an "a la carte" outlook toward eliminating pounds, where readers can select a handful from among the 40 fat-burning items in the report. The ideas are simple and can be inserted into the person's normal lifestyle with ease.

The full, FREE REPORT can be downloaded HERE.

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