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Cosmetic Chemistry Lab Uses New Pentapharm Peptide In Potent Anti-Aging Eye Serum


SkinPro's Elite Serum contains an industry leading concentration of wrinkle fighting Syn-Coll

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Elite Serum is a revolutionary, topical anti-aging serum created by SkinPro, a Miami based Cosmeceutical Company. SkinPro first introduced Elite Serum to consumers in 2009, but has since re-developed and enhance the formula and the packaging, creating an airless precision delivery system. Elite Serum has taken the cosmeceutical industry by storm with its proven, powerful blend of pharmaceutical grade anti-aging peptides, including Argireline and Pentapharm's Syn-Coll.

Elite Serum is manufactured in a state of the art facility in Miami, Florida. The composition of Elite Serum was formulated by clinically trained cosmetic pharmacist Irwin Grams. Irwin Grams is a graduate of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a concentration in Pharmaceuticals. Grams has over 40 years' experience in Cosmetic Chemistry. He has held many prestigious positions such as Principal of an OTC drug manufacturing company and Conductor of Chemistry at one of the world's largest cosmetic manufacturers. He is considered to be one of the top innovators of Cosmetic Chemistry within the industry.

Grams, with the help of several other cosmetic pharmacists, developed the formula for Elite Serum, opting for Syn-Coll as the main component to assist in reducing the signs of aging and help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, creating a serum that has been named best eye cream by several top rated eye cream sources.

Syn-Coll is manufactured by Pentapharm. In addition to Syn-Coll, Pentapharm manufactures a specific range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), belonging to the therapeutic fields of anticoagulants, antifibrinolytics and haemostatics. Pentapharm has over 25 years of experience and expertise in drug manufacturing, offering the biopharmaceutical industry the highest quality products, conforming to GMP. Syn-Coll stimulates the collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts. Skin aging and chronic UV exposure particularly, leads to degenerative changes in skin. The degenerative changes in skin are characterized by distinct alterations in the composition of the dermal extra cellular matrix. The consequences include increased skin fragility, a leathery skin appearance and formation of wrinkles. Collagen represents the main component of the ECM of the dermal connective tissue. Thrombospondin is a multifunctional protein that activates the latent but biologically inactive form of tissue growth factor. Tissue growth factor is known as the key element in the synthesis of collagen and binds to a particular sequence in the TSP molecule. This sequence is known as ARG-PHE-LYS.

As a molecule able to activate TGF, Syn-Coll is considered to be an ideal aqueous based peptide. It contains a unique sequence designed to mimic the human body's own mechanism to product collagen via TGF. Accordingly, Syn-Coll actively compensates for any collagen deficit, thus making the skin look younger and rejuvenated.

The results of the Syn-Coll clinical studies are astounding. After 84 days of twice-daily application, a panel of 60 volunteers experienced 2.5% Syn-Coll parameters average relief (Rz) and maximum relief (Rt) significantly decreased by -12%: -22 μm and -36 μm respectively (p= 0.05) characterizing smoothing and anti wrinkle effects.

SkinPro CTO Richard Banks stated, “We went to great lengths to determine the most powerful and effective formula for our flagship eye serum. Irwin Grams and his team spent over 3 years testing various peptides from several manufacturers before deciding on Syn-Coll. Syn-Coll is designed to stimulate the skin's neutral mechanism to produce collagen and based on test results, it was an obvious choice.”

Detailed clinical study results can be viewed on Elite Serum's website.

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