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Theirs get hot; ours do not! CooLED, Inc. announces durable LED light fixtures that hold up to Parking Deck demands.


CooLED, Inc. President Tim Burden demonstrates that 50W LED parking deck lights are able to stand up to repeated abuse while still providing higher lumen efficiency, less glare, and even light spread. The 50W LED parking deck light introduces Hybra's Heat Spreader™ technology. This is an industry breakthrough for parking decks and industrial applications that face extreme climate conditions while giving sustainable design.

Traverse City, Michigan (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

CooLED, Inc. President, Tim Burden just introduced their breakthrough Parking Deck Fixture that is so durable it can withstand being dropped or tossed across the floor.

Joining its line of VERSA lights for parking lots, the Parking Deck Fixture offers revolutionary features like its 160 degree Liquid Lens Technology for a remarkably large spread of light offered from a low mounting height with a very durable design.

Mr. Burden states that he consistently hears 3 demands from facilities managers:
1) A desire for lights that reduce maintenance and energy costs. 2) Lights that provide a large even distribution of light. 3) Lights that can withstand the types of vandalism seen in parking areas.

Recently Mr. Burden demonstrated the light on the CooLED YouTube channel. Dropping the light several times, he proved that the durable fixture still worked. He then went on to point out that the patented Hybra technology produces a better fixture that allows his company to offer the best LED warranty in the country, including labor reimbursement. This is important as a significant portion of the cost of maintaining parking areas involves the changing out of expired lights and failed fixtures, which includes costs for maintenance staff, equipment, and disposal.

Traditional fluorescent, HID and Mercury Vapor lights are toxic if broken. If dropped, they may expose employees and/or customers to mercury, PCB's, and other environmental toxins. By making the switch to Hybra Energy™ fixtures, these environmental toxins are eliminated, and maintenance is drastically reduced.    

The Hybra Energy™ line of fixtures offer an average life of 100,000 hours per unit, with minimal loss of luminance. That efficiency allows the lights to be some of the most cost effective units on the market, both in terms of operation and maintenance.

Parking Facility Managers will see additional savings of up to 80% on electric costs.

CooLED, Inc. is a master distributor for Hybra Energy™ Products. Contact them to learn more about their financing plans, ask for a demonstration, or to make a dealer inquiry.

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