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Panorama Investigation Highlights difficulties of protecting the most vulnerable behind closed doors. The Community Gateway CIC Road Map provides the way to better care


The Community Gateway CIC welcomes the call from former Care Services Minister Paul Burstow for stronger corporate law to apply to Providers of social care services. A legislative response however only helps after breaches in safeguarding occur. Addressing Safeguarding issues based on a prevention based approach, a solution roadmap was launched last week at the National Childrens and Adults Conference NCAS 2012 in Eastbourne which includes solutions such as: Electronic Home Care Monitoring for Learning Disability Service Users, Gadget Gateway for Councils and Providers to better promote their own Telecare and Telehealth offers and eOutcomes for better Intermediate Care and Reablement support within the community.

Birmingham, England (PRWEB UK) 31 October 2012

The Community Gateway CIC Launches at NCAS 2012 a Social Care Solution 'Road Map' to help organisations better Safeguard Service Users.

Following another Panorama Investigation, it seems incredible that (at least) 19 of the 51 patients of Winterbourne View Hospital are now under new care and have already had Safeguarding alerts raised. This means that before the final report on Winterbourne View is due to be published and not long after the conclusions of the Serious Case Review, that investigations are already underway for nearly half of the former residents of Winterbourne View following a Safeguarding Alert.

The Community Gateway CIC has developed a solution 'Road Map' which helps to develop and maintain independence within the community and at home so that fewer Safeguarding alerts are likely. A key example of this work being the development of Gadget Gateway which is an information portal and ecommerce platform which Providers can take on to extend their traditional homecare and residential care home, or supported housing offers.

A breach of Safeguarding means that the Service User has been abused. This can be in the form of mistreatment by any other person or persons that violates the person's human and civil rights. The abuse can vary, from treating someone with disrespect in a way that significantly affects the person's quality of life, to causing actual physical or mental suffering. Abuse of this nature can be intentional or unintentionally and occur anywhere such as a person's own home, in a residential or nursing home, a hospital, the workplace, at a day centre or educational establishment, supported housing or simply on the street.

The fact is though, if any person is taken out of the community and cared for behind closed doors its a great deal harder to ensure someone's human and civil rights are protected. The fewer people there are behind closed doors the easier it is to 'police'. The best place for majority of people really is in the community including at home. The Community Gateway CIC's solution road map spans the whole of 'Self Directed Support' providing implementation and project support through to software solutions in the Personalisation of adult social care which promotes greater independence and support in the community; from initial contact, helping to set up and commission front line access and initial assessment services, through to Telecare, Reablement, measuring outcomes and quality of service and sometimes just simply ensuring people get the right care.

Read about Community Gateway's case studies in Gloucestershire where Learning Disability service users were enabled to make better use of Telecare and live fuller lives, or Wolverhampton City Council are enabled to know whether care is taking place or not in the community and in Walsall Council managers are able to have more insight in to the quality of service and care provision and where investment is required.

The Community Gateway CIC works with Providers and Commissioners of health and social care services. The Social Enterprise based in the West Midlands which works all over the world can enable Providers' services to be in better shape for Personalised social care and to make better use of Telecare, Telehealth and to be ready for greater integration across health and social care services including reablement.

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