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Obama and Romney: Need A Jobs Plan To Fix The Middle Class?


With the election a week away even high school students are wondering which candidate has the best jobs plan. Kids think they have a better jobs plan called SaveOurWorkforce.

Hawthorne, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

With the election a week away new research suggests that nearly half of all Americans think neither candidate will have much effect on their personal financial situation. The survey, released by conducted by Princeton Research Associates International from Oct. 4 to Oct. 7, finds that 45 percent of adults nationwide don't think the choice of president will make much of a difference to their finances. Still, the Bankrate poll did show a contradiction: Despite their skepticism about whether the president can help them personally, more than six in 10 people said their personal http:// economic situation is a key factor in their voting decision. "I am voting for the candidate that is going to create the most middle class jobs," says Stephen Sisley, attending Brevard Community College and a member a national organization called SaveOurWorkforce.

Even high school students are wondering which of the candidates, President Barack Obama or challenger Mitt Romney has the best jobs plan. "I started a SaveOurWorkforce club at my high school to better understand the candidate's jobs creation plans and also help save American Jobs," explains Austin Mazzolini, a sophomore at California Academy of Mathematics and Science. What do these kids think about the Obama's and Romney's job plans? "Neither of the candidates seems to have a plan to decrease outsourcing," says Jared Pangelinan, a student at Loyola High School. These students think America is losing millions of middle class jobs each year because companies are outsourcing them to foreign countries with many of the jobs ending up in China and India. They may be on to something because the total number of U.S. jobs outsourced was 2.273 million in 2011 according to data published from Sourcing Line Computer Economics. The top five countries getting outsourced jobs are India, Indonesia, Estonia, Singapore, and China as confirmed by Sourcing Line Computer Economics.

"No worries if the candidates need help on a jobs plan," says Austin Mazzolini who attends California Academy of Math and Science. "Kids brainstormed the unemployment problem and created a jobs plan called SaveOurWorkforce." Eric Palma, another student at the same school explains, "Brainstorming is all about encouraging wild ideas and having lots of thoughts and coming up with creative solutions which kids are great at."  "For several months students have been brainstorming, searching for a solution," explains Austin. The kids concluded that 'invisible outsourcing' - sending jobs, goods and services outside of the United States without consumers knowing - is the root cause of the high levels of unemployment and that it can be made visible using social networking. This organization's goal is to give large companies the needed incentive to keep jobs in America by providing a tool for consumers to easily monitor, encourage and reward businesses that provide jobs to American families. 

SaveOurWorkforce is made up of high school and college clubs that track and report the U.S. workforce size of the largest corporations in America and provide this database to the public free of charge on their website. The website tool “Before-You-Buy, Verify” empowers consumers to direct their purchases towards companies that support the U.S. Workforce the most. "Using this tool strongly encourages businesses to keep jobs in America." says Stephen Sisley, a student at Brevard Community College.

About SaveOurWorkforce
SaveOurWorkforce is a nonprofit organization with the mission to save and rebuild the American workforce. Founded in 2012 by high school and college students, the organization encourages the involvement of students, individuals, and companies throughout the country at their website Students (13 years and older) are asked to join and track the company workforce sizes in their area. Individuals (the 99%) are asked to join and use the free tool “Before-You-Buy, Verify” that encourages businesses to keep jobs in America. Companies are also asked to join and partner with the youth to help keep jobs in America at

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