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Husted Kicking Coach Brady Beeson Helps Annika Ortiz-Smith Become Successful High School Kicker.


Husted Kicking Coach Brady Beeson is helping aspiring varsity kicker Annika Ortiz-Smith in her goal to become a successful high school kicker at Edina High School in Edina, MN.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Husted Kicking Coach Brady Beeson is helping high school sophomore Annika Ortiz-Smith in her goal to become a successful high school varsity kicker at Edina High School in Edina, MN.

"Annika is a very driven young kicker who works hard at her technique, as well as the mental side of her craft,” says Beeson. “This is the first time she has been able to work with a professional who can closely observe her technique and critique her as she trains. She has bought into our Husted Kicking philosophy, and has seen steady improvement.”

Beeson says Ortiz-Smith has a bright kicking future.

“Annika has the ability to be a very successful high school kicker,” says Beeson.

Beeson has been engaged in kicking for some time.

In his one season as a starter at the University of St. Thomas, Beeson recorded 79 points, set three school records, and helped the Tommies reach an 11-2 season record, and the D3 national quarterfinals. Beeson went and went 5-for-5 in field goals in his three NCAA playoff games. He helped St. Thomas gain its first NCAA playoff berth in 19 seasons.

In June 2012, Beeson signed with the Tri-Cities Fever of the IFL for their last two regular season games. In his debut for the Fever, Beeson went 4/5 in field goals (52,45,20, and 24 yards), including the overtime game-winner. He won the IFL Special Teams Player of the Week award for Week 15. In his five games at Tri-Cities he accumulated 61 points and finished with 11 field goals, including three in the IFL United Bowl Championship Game.

While he is pursuing his own dream of kicking in the NFL, Beeson works as a kicking coach for Husted Kicking where he helps other kickers, like Ortiz-Smith, pursue their own kicking dreams.

Beeson says as with any pursuit of excellence, there will be obstacles to overcome.

“Like many soccer style kickers, Annika is in the process of figuring out that kicking a football is in many ways the opposite of taking a good soccer shot,” says Beeson. “She has the natural leg strength, however she is working on staying tall, engaging her quad and hip into her kicks more, and planting next to the ball. This is a tough habit to break for soccer players who are used to staying over the ball through contact to drive the ball low and hard to their desired target.”

Beeson puts aside any stigma of a girl kicking on a high school football team.

"The kicking position is 90% mental,” says Beeson. “Whether a kicker is a male or female, those who are more mentally tough will start, and most likely have a higher success rate at the position. Just as Michael Husted improved my mental training and toughness, I have worked with Annika on this part of her craft and she has responded very well."

"Annika understands that improving as a kicker takes commitment off the field as well with stretching and watching film. Since she made this a priority, I have seen a big jump in the consistency of her technique, as well as the height and distance of her kicks. It has been a privilege to work with Annika thus far, and I look forward to working with her in the future."

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