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New York City Residents Hesitant to Offer Phone Numbers on Signup Forms


AIDE Data, leading data entry experts since 2005, analyzed over three million records of data and found that less than 60% of New Yorkers are willing to provide phone numbers on signup forms for birthday clubs, contests and eClubs. New York customers are less likely to put phone numbers on sign up forms than customers in other areas of the country.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Recently, AIDE Data analyzed over 100,000 handwritten forms filled out by New York residents in every New York Metro area to set benchmarks and compare New York customer responses on signup forms to the rest of the country. This study shows that New Yorkers are less willing to provide phone numbers on average than the rest of the nation.

Across New York 58% of all signup forms contain phone numbers. This compares with a national norm of 78% of all signup forms that have a phone number. When looked at in-depth, residents of the the 5 NYC boroughs are significantly less likely to provide phone numbers than other New Yorkers. Only 38% of New York City dwellers, one of the lowest percentages in the nation among any geographic or demographic segment, provide phone numbers on their signup forms. This compares with 77% of Long Island residents and 74% of upstate residents.

The contact information that New York customers are most likely to provide, similar to what is seen across the country, is a complete street address. Ninety-five percent of New York respondents provide a complete street address, this is slightly higher than the 91% that AIDE has seen nationwide. Eighty-eight percent of the New York addresses are recognized and standardized by the US Post Office Zip4 system. This validation figure is slightly lower than the 93% AIDE Data has seen nationwide.

"Our signup form analysis shows several interesting things about New York customer behavior, the biggest finding in our analysis is that only 58% of New Yorkers will provide a phone number and that the percentage varies greatly from NYC to other areas of the state,“ states Mark Petersen, President of AIDE Data. “The bottom line is that using handwritten forms to gather New York customer geographic data can be more economical and more targeted than other data gathering techniques; however, don't expect a high percentage of New York City phone numbers. Even with the low phone percentage; marketers looking to create eClubs, sweepstakes, rebate programs and the like can feel confident that, when done correctly, they can get accurate data to build a valuable database from paper forms.”

Another comparison that can be drawn is the percentage of street addresses to email addresses. Ninety-five will provide complete addresses compares with 59% that provide a complete email address. This is higher than what AIDE Data has seen on signup forms from across the country. National AIDE expects 53% of all signup forms to contain a email address. There is not as much geographic variation in email percentages across the state as there is with phone numbers. Fifty-six percent of the signup forms from New York City include email addresses, this is similar to the average of 61% seen for the rest of the state.

“In general New York customers are willing to trade their information if they think they will get something valuable in return, but in New York City you will probably not get as many phone numbers at the levels that can be expected in other areas of state," comments Mr. Petersen. "Even the prospect of receiving a coupon or chance to win a prize of nominal value can make an enormous difference in the accuracy and email completion rates. If the signup form clearly gives the customer something of value you can overcome some of customers reluctance to put their email address on a signup form."

AIDE Data, a leading data entry firm since 2005, has entered over three million records with customer information covering a wide span of industries including: medical, charitable causes, investigative findings, public events, automotive, insurance, restaurants, consumer products, home
repair, sports teams, retail stores and discount cards.

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