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VantageScore's White Paper Reveals Shocking Credit Statistic

Share: men's lifestyle and finance magazine remarks on the recent white paper published by credit score model company, VantageScore, revealing a major fluctuation in most consumers' credit scores over a very short period of time

Atlantic City, NJ (PRWEB) October 31, 2012 men's lifestyle and finance magazine today issued their statement on VantageScore's recently published white paper which showed that most consumers' credit scores tend to fluctuate largely over a small time period.'s take on this may be of aid to consumers in pointing a spotlight on everyday activities which could improve overall scores.

The Press of Atlantic City recently reported that VantageScore Solutions issued a white paper which stated that approximately 70% of consumer credit scores tend to rise and fall by as much as 20 points over the course of a 90 day period. The article points out that whether scores make a jump or a dip is completely up to consumer behavior. It's reported here that most consumers only see their credit score once a year, when they can do a free credit check, but believes in the importance of monitoring a credit score especially if the desire is there to actively work on it to improve the score. acknowledges this recently publicized statistic as worthy of consumer attention.'s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “I think that it's nuts that somebody's score could fluctuate by as much as 20 points over three months, and not only that but that that's how the majority of consumers' scores act! It's further proof to me that we as a nation need to get our credit under control, and establish mature and responsible personal finance guidelines for ourselves so that scores can remain at a steady, even, and high rate.”

The above-mentioned Press of Atlantic City article goes on point out some everyday consumer behaviors that can and will affect a credit score. Activities such as maxing out a credit card, inquiring on a new loan, closing an existing line of credit, and paying just one bill late—even if it's for the very first time—can have a tremendous effect on one's credit. heeds against paying even one bill late.'s Senior staff writer states, “I paid one bill late three years ago—one bill, and not even to a major credit card company. It was on my Gap card. I have had that Gap card for over eight years, and I made one little late payment. And, honestly, it still reflects on my credit score. In the section of my report that explains to me the lines of credit that are dragging down my score, there it is, the single late Gap card payment. The point is, guys, don't underestimate the power of late payments to really do a number on your score.”

VantageScore Solutions is the maker of a credit rating product used by the three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion to determine credit scores. The president and CEO of VantageScore Solutions, Barrett Burns, is quoted within the above-mentioned article as saying, “When it comes to credit scoring, there are two questions that are most commonly asked by consumers yet rarely understood. These questions are ‘why did my credit score change,' and, ‘how can I improve my credit score.' We're providing answers to those questions and more, including specifics for how certain profiles of consumers are impacted by common credit activities, and how to further improve their scores or repair a damaged credit profile.”

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