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Chase Vacnin, Star of the Universal Studios Reboot The Little Rascals Says: I'm not a Bully, but I play one on TV!


Chase Vacnin plays the iconic Butch the Bully in the upcoming Universal Studios remake of the Little Rascals, but wants to put an end to bullying in the real world!

(PRWEB) October 31, 2012

With National Anti-Bullying Month drawing to a close....

Butch The Bully from the upcoming Universal Studios movie THE LITTLE RASCALS insists:


"Bullies are actually weak."
"Bullies are insecure."
"Bullies are just covering up."

These are just a few of the key discoveries made by 10 year old CHASE VACNIN as he researched to play the role of BUTCH the BULLY on the upcoming feature film LITTLE RASCALS.

"Look," says Chase with a grin, "I'm a big kid for my age. And lots of kids look at me and think I'm the kind of guy who might want to hurt them. But that's not really me."

Chase had a real challenge. How to portray a true bully.

"I had to figure out what goes on in the brain of a bully," reports the husky 10-year old, "so I could really make BUTCH THE BULLY come to life"

"I basically figured that a lot of bullies are insecure. They're trying to scare everybody so they can feel less weak.

I had to create a story and think about times when I felt insecure or weak. It was hard to get inside the brain of a bully. But to play a bully you have to understand how they think and feel.

So I had to think about times where I felt life was unfair, where I felt cheated, where I felt I didnt have as much as I needed. And that showed me that most bullies feel weak and like they are missing something in their lives."

Chase wants to reach out to both Bullies and their Victims.

To Bullies, Chase wants them to know, "there's other ways to feel important. And if you don't feel important you need to ask an adult for help."

For the Victims of bullying Chase has this to say, "You don't have to be bullied. There's lots of ways to stop it. But for now I'd say go to to find ways to get bullies out of your life!"

CHASE VACNIN who plays BUTCH the BULLY has been described as hilarious, super funny, Charlie Brown from the wrong side of the tracks, and 'the boy with the man-size personality.'

CHASE VACNIN is a 10-year old actor who plays BUTCH the BULLY in the upcoming UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Feature Film: "RETURN OF THE LITTLE RASCALS."

The character CHASE plays in the feature is a pivotal one. In fact, he harasses, bullies, intimidates the 'little rascals' throughout the film.

While the film itself is humorous in tone (and Butch get's his comeuppance in the end) CHASE VACNIN takes the problem of BULLYING very seriously.

Of course in real life, CHASE is a gregarious, friendly, generous young man who, after researching the role, has a strong desire to contribute his services as a famous character to bring a familiar face to the cause of ANTI-BULLYING.

Just as Ellen DeGeneres, Regis Philbin, Henry Winkler, Demi Lovato have lent their names to this worthwhile cause, Chase Vacnin would like to use his name/face recognition to promote, encourage and motivate children and their parent's to put a STOP to BULLYING.

CHASE may only be 10 years old but he has a 'man-size' personality and an incredible vocabulary. He is charming and funny and very relaxed around the camera.

Chase is open for interviews but is still shooting scenes between 10/31 and 11/9 (in Los Angeles) and afterward in NYC (his other residence).

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