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ERM Plumbing & Heating Now Retailing Tankless Hot Water Heaters


The world of water-heaters has been evolving rapidly over the years. There are now gas-fired tankless water heaters available that can make life a lot simpler. They are more energy-efficient than the older models, they can produce unlimited hot water and they tend to last a lot longer than the counterparts that they are outmoding. Now you can purchase one of these hot water heaters at ERM Plumbing & Heating, one of Calgary's premier plumbing companies.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

As time goes on, new technology changes, updates and upgrades every facet of domestic life. Every room in a typical home is renovated and revised by new innovations, and the plumbing systems are no exception. Although many homes still use outmoded plumbing and heating systems, the new generation of equipment is much more energy-efficient, tends to have a much longer life and ultimately outperforms the older gear. As nice as it would be to keep using the old systems forever, eventually it becomes both financially wise and environmentally friendly to call your local Calgary plumbing company.

ERM Plumbing & Heating is a company that has built its reputation on its service-oriented approach to the plumbing business, putting their customer's satisfaction at the forefront of their operation and ensuring that no matter what they are living up to or exceeding their client's expectations. Although these Calgary plumbers have not typically been responsible for the retail of plumbing and heating products, they have slowly incorporated this facet into their business and they are now announcing the sale and distribution of unlimited, tankless and gas-fired hot water heaters.

There are many advantages to buying a hot water tank from a prominent plumbing and heating company. For one thing, the experience of the plumbing professionals enables them to make more precise recommendations about which model is right for each individual situation. There is also the fact that they can do an impeccable job with the installation, and will be a reliable source should anything go wrong, or should the unit ever require maintenance or service.

The tankless hot water heater is a relatively recent innovation and it is nice to find a service that has technicians who understand exactly how to install, operate and repair these units. Once a homeowner has installed one of these tankless hot water tanks in their homes the benefits are likely to be immediately apparent. For one thing these new heaters provide a limitless amount of hot water, so for large families there is no chance of eventually running out of this important resource. They also get rid of the holding tank which created the potential for rust and limited the overall life of the unit dramatically.

Now that ERM Plumbing & Heating have inserted themselves into the hot water heater retail business they are determined to bring their clientele the newest and best models currently on the market. They are also committed to supporting their customers' purchase of a tankless, gas-fired hot water heater with a comprehensive service guarantee. This makes it a great time for Calgarians still waiting to acquire one of these units to do so.

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