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Corrosion Knocks Out 3000 Florida Residents' Electricity; Rusty Cage Recommends Spraying of Rusterizer to Prevent Similar and Other Rust Problems


Corrosion left one Florida county without electricity for hours. Knowing that rust can cause more problems apart from power disruption, Rusty Cage advised to all rust sufferers the implementation of immediate rust treatment and the spraying of Rusterizer.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Rust left one Florida county powerless for hours. As reported by, corrosion caused one of its power line to fall down knocking out the electricity. And knowing that rusting can cause many other problems, Rusty Cage suggested the spraying of Rusterizer to all rust sufferers and rust cleaning contractors.

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It was stated in the report that the Indian River County in Florida was without electricity in the early hours of October 19, 2012. The power disruption started around 4:45 at dawn until 11:45 in the morning. About 3,000 residents were affected by it.

The incident, as the report stated, was caused by a saltwater corrosion in an overhead power line along the 10700 block of State Road A1A. Residents in the 5-mile-long area of the roadway from Windsor to the south side of Sebastian Inlet State Park were the ones specifically affected by the power disruption.

According to Rusty Cage, with rust's ability to weaken metal, it can cause many other problems apart from just power disruption. And so, it advised the immediate treatment of it. It said that the earlier rust is treated, the easier it is to clear it.

However, the site added that a help is needed to successfully get rid of rust and its stain. And among others, it recommended Rusterizer.

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It said that because it is organic-based, Rusterizer contains no chemicals harmful to health. And so rust removal with it is safe apart from effective.

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