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New Video Scribing Video with Background Music Only Announced by Ydraw


New Video Scribing Video with background music only announced by Ydraw. This video scribing video is absolutely amazing, and tells the story and process of Ydraw without using a voice over.

(PRWEB) October 31, 2012

The new video scribing video released by Ydraw gives a great example of some of the amazing animations that Ydraw can create for any company, and further, does not even use a voice over in this video.

Ydraw's new video scribing video is an amazing and engaging example of what Ydraw can create for any business. Ydraw uses humor, music, engaging story telling and service explanation techniques to gain an edge over competing marketing videos and develop a longer dwell rate for viewers than found anywhere else.

Story Telling: This video is a great example of a useful story plot technique that Ydraw uses with its clients. Showing the man having a problem with his start-up business in developing traffic to his site, Ydraw puts an entertaining spin on a problem/solution storyline.

Explanation of Services: Ydraw's new video also contains an entertaining, step-by-step view of their services and processes of creating a video scribing video, so that clients, leads, and prospects can comprehend all the steps to creating one of these amazing videos. Instead of using a lot of text, Ydraw uses engaging images and simple wording to get their message across in the best way possible, so that people will remember their product.

Humor: In most of Ydraw's videos, as shown in this new video scribing video, Ydraw adds hints of humor, just enough to make viewers laugh, but not too much as to be over the top. This video definitely gets you smiling every once and a while with all the creative curves it takes.

No Voice Over: This aspect of Ydraw's new video scribing video is absolutely amazing. It takes a large amount of skill to be able to create a video that makes sense without a voice over. Ydraw not only does this, but creates an entertaining one that will keep you watching the whole way through, listening to the music and enjoying the animations.

Longer Dwell Rate Than Any Other Video: Because video scribing videos are so engaging, they have a longer viewer dwell rate than that of any other type of video. This video keeps you glued to the screen for the whole time span, where other videos tend to only keep their viewers for about 1:30.

For more information on Ydraw's video scribing videos, to get a quote on a video forbusiness, or for great “how to” articles geared towards creating the best marketed video, visit Ydraw's site, give them a call, or email them!

Alecsy Christensen

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