Market Overview Launches Snap! You Got Hot! A New Photo Contest For Ugly Ducklings Turned Swans

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Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) October 31, 2012's new “Snap! You Got Hot!” contest, available through their Facebook page, celebrates those rare individuals among us who went through an awkward phase and came out better for it! is a leading online dating site and they are using the contest to find the best before and after photos of people who went from awkward to awesome. The ‘ugly-duckling-turned-swan' winner will not only have the satisfaction of being labeled ‘hot' but they will also win an iPhone 5! knows that whether they were band geeks with braces, dateless mathlethes or drama nerds whose only make-out sessions happened onstage, today's hotties weren't necessarily the most conventionally attractive kids when they were growing up! Even Hollywood stars like George Clooney, Megan Fox and Brad Pitt went through their fair share of bad haircuts, pockmarked skin and fashion disasters.

While it's true that there are some people who remain shockingly good-looking from the cradle to the grave--one of life's many cruelties is running into the cheer captain at your ten-year reunion only to find out she's maintained her graduating BMI--they tend to lack the humor, charisma and social skills of their ugly-duckling cohorts. When your face isn't your fortune you have to develop other attributes to make yourself appealing to the opposite sex., with over a decade of excellence in the online dating market and a user base of over 36.5 million singles, understands the advantage that formerly unattractive singles have in the dating game. “Beautiful people that were awkward in adolescence have a special, down-to-earth quality. They're a little less sure of themselves, and tend to be more appreciative and giving in a relationship. As a result, they're more attractive overall” says Mate1 CEO Liz Wasserman.

The Snap! You Got Hot! contest will run from October 22 till November 22nd with the winner being announced at the end of November. Contestants can enter the contest via's Facebook Page and can also vote on other entries. The winner will walk away with a brand-new iPhone 5 and the knowledge that, at least according to the internet, they got hot!

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