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Loyal Mission, Los Angeles Premium Denim Company Launch with Mission to Donate Over 40% of Proceeds to Fight Global Hunger with Children's Hunger Fund as Partner Charity


Loyal Mission is brand new denim company with men and women's jeans that are 100% designed and made in Los Angeles CA. The Company is committed to donating over 40% of it's proceeds to the Children's Hunger Fund. Founder Ryky Tran was a high school dropout who became homeless on the streets of L.A. before landing numerous spots national commercials and major films. He then went on to train for the Winter Olympics before launching his philanthropic denim jeans company.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2012


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Loyal Mission Jeans Designer Remembers
His Roots Among The Homeless.

Over 40% of proceeds go towards feeding hungry children.

Loyal Mission, the fast growing new Los Angeles jeans manufacturing and retail company, has announced that it is donating a significant portion of its profits to Children's Hunger Fund, according to the company's founder and CEO, Ryky Tran.

Loyal Mission opened its online shopping site,, this summer with a selection of “Made in the USA” premium jeans for men and women, priced in the $120-$150 range. Since then, the jeans have been flying off the digital shelves at a rate that has customers raving and competitors taking notice.

“We're thrilled that so many people love this new line,” Tran said today. “We spent years researching the best materials, the best cuts and the best designs to come up with Loyal Mission. But the fit and finish isn't the only thing that our customers are buying into; they love our mission, too.”

Tran's “mission” is something he conceived when he found himself homeless and hungry on the streets of LA. Living out of his car and surrounded by so many others in need of a good meal, he was especially affected by the homeless children. “You haven't seen tragedy and heartbreak until you've seen an out-of-work and penniless mom or dad unable to feed their kids,” he says. “I resolved that one day I would do something about it.”

Eventually, his naturally curious and entrepreneurial spirit led him to an interest in fashion, and soon he was knocking on doors all over LA's fashion industry. “Everyone thought I was crazy at first,” he recalls. “No one was interested in working with a company that would give away the amount of profits I was committed to. I had doors shut on my face, literally. Every one of those people said the concept was a failure from the start. This only fueled the flame that was burning from within me.”

Soon Tran had his own design studio and staff of talented designers, internet marketers and merchandizing specialists. “People soon learned how passionate I am about absolutely everything,” he says. “I had a vision in mind, but I always felt something was missing. I began to realize that passion without purpose is meaningless. I started thinking about all the hungry people I knew on the streets.”

That's when he decided to donate a large share of his earnings to help the needy.

With his characteristic meticulousness, he examined charities of all kinds. Immediately he was put off by the large management expenses charged by so many non-profits. The bulk of donations were going to management and not directly to the causes they were supposed to be fighting for. But then he learned about the Children's Hunger Fund ( Since 1992, 99% of every dollar they receive has gone directly to feeding children.

“When I learned that, I knew this was the charity I could partner with and be passionate about,” Tran says.

Now he wants to raise millions for the hungry, and his hot new jeans are helping him do it. With every pair of jeans sold, over 40% of the proceeds will be donated to Children's Hunger Fund - enough to feed a hungry child for an entire year. Judging from the speed at which sales are increasing, Loyal Mission shoppers are buying not just the jeans themselves, but the concept of helping others, as well.

“Our customers may never meet the child they have helped through their purchase,” he says. “But they will know that a life has been changed for the better. What greater purpose in life is there than that?”

About Loyal Mission
Loyal Mission is a premium denim jeans manufacturer company located in Los Angeles, selling socially responsible and affordable jeans products for men and women through their online store at The company was founded by Ryky Tran, who has built the company through a vision of providing the highest quality MADE IN LOS ANGELES products, while catering to customers with a high degree of social consciousness and awareness of responsibility for others.

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