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Award-winning, newly expanded Alamptria 1: Bloodstone Crypt to be re-released May 2013.

Toronto (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Double Dragon Publishing is releasing the epic Alamptria 1: Bloodstone Crypt in early 2013 with a new title and an expanded story. With its high-flying adventure, intense action, love affairs and the shadow of death lurking beneath it all, the grand adventure in the mythological land of Elysium and vampire-ridden Plaphorius play out amid surprise and suspense.

Far away in a land beyond the fog; in the fifteenth century, good finds itself at war with evil. The Seatons, knights gifted with amazing powers, endeavor to squash dark Lord Makoor and his vampire legions. With Grongone the wizard's help, the knights work to achieve their people's freedom. But when vampires infiltrate the city of Koriston, and the princess Melina Hampshire is kidnapped by the evil Tyrus Clore and brought to Plaphorius to marry into the vampire cult, the Seatons' faith in overcoming these dark forces is shaken. Only Caprius Seaton and his two brothers along with the Elysian army can save their kingdom, and the entire human race, from extinction.

Originally titled Alamptria: Red Moon Rising, the novel won the 2011 Buzzillions Reviewers Choice Award and garnered a large following. Reviewers of the book note Richard Valicek's ability to join intelligent themes with exciting action and characters:

Treachery and deceit are evil two best weapons. "Alamptria" is a tale of good and evil from Richard A. Valicek, telling of the Kingdom of Elysium and its crush against the vampiric evil that claimed its king. When the princess is tricked away, it's up to one devoted knight and his army to set Elysium on the right path before it's consumed by the cruelty of the vampires. "Alamptria" is an exciting fantasy tale of good and evil, highly recommended. By Midwest book review –

“In a time of vampire-mania, readers and viewers alike are bombarded with overly simplistic tales for teenagers, denigrating the vampire and fantasy genre; however, Richard A. Valicek restores the genre's glory with his intricate plot, enthralling language, and powerful themes. While we search to find a sense of meaning in today's tales of vampires, often left without a deeper theme, Valicek's compelling tale is simultaneously dynamic and leaves a resounding sense of the importance of both solidarity and inevitable triumph of the good and free over seemingly insurmountable forces of evil.” (Bwbatlarge,

“Valicek's book intrigues and entertains. The plot really moves with action and sensual interludes. "Alamptria" has characters of all kinds, including requisite heroes and heroines. Hot themes of the day such as vampires, religion, fantasy, action-war, and mythic creatures are interwoven. I couldn't put it down!” (Karen, Dallas, Texas.

“This feels like a Tolkien book with many creatures a mind could not fathom their existence. Valicek is great with imagery and setting and I look forward to more in books in this series.” (Rebecca Gal,

Richard A. Valicek has a certificate in the Liberal Studies Program from George Brown College, where he also received a diploma in Graphic Design. He lives in Toronto, Canada.

Alamptria 1: Bloodstone Crypt will be released in early 2013 Double Dragon Publishing. The book will be available at thousands of retailers nationwide both in stores as a trade paperback and online for the Ibook, Nook, Kindle, and Epub.

For more information about Alamptria 1: Bloodstone Crypt, please visit or contact the author by phone at 416-570-5655.

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