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NatureBuilt Helps Organic Farm Grow its Own Building


Circle Organic, located in Millbrook, Ontario, near Peterborough, used BioSIP wall panels supplied by NatureBuilt Wall Systems Inc. in the construction of their farm building on their recently acquired 85 acre farming lot.

Welland, ON (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Circle Organic is a community based organic farming group led by Julie Fleming and Andrew Flamen. The farming couple are currently producing 50 different types of fruits and vegetables –all without the use of farming equipment and without chemicals used in mass food production. While not coming from farming backgrounds, both had interests in organic food and decided to take a leap of faith and start their own organic farm. It hasn't come without its challenges – working the fields without the use of large farming equipment takes much more time and effort than in conventional farming, but the final product is what make it all worthwhile. The couple started out on a small plot of land and are now in the process of expanding their operation to keep up with demand.

Construction has begun on their new plot of land located near Millbrook, ON. Their home, which sits high up on a hill, has a stunning 360 degree view of their fields. What makes their home special is what it is made of. They used prefabricated straw bale walls – also known as BioSIPs – for the walls of the home.

Straw, a bi-product of the farming industry, is the leftover stalk of the grain plant that is normally burned, turned back into the soil, or used for bedding. Like wood it is also a cellulose product and exhibits many of the same properties. What makes it special is the amount of air voids that are contained within the stalks. This trapped air is what makes straw such an excellent insulator.

The choice to use the BioSIP system in their home, as opposed to conventional SIPs or ICF's for that matter was simple. They wanted to use a wall system that had the least impact on the environment, while at the same time provided their family with a non-toxic, VOC free, breathable wall system constructed out of all natural materials.

The walls, as seen in the photo, were delivered and installed all in the same day despite inclement weather.

Building completion is expected at the end of 2012.

NatureBuilt Wall Systems Inc. manufacturers an exterior wall panel system that is environmentally friendly, airtight, super-insulated, made of all natural materials and goes up fast. Founded in 2009, the company's BioSIP manufacturing facility is located in Welland, Ont.

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