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The Outplacement Center is Now Creating Custom Programs to Reduce Employers' Unemployment Tax Rates, Workers' Compensation


The current economy hasn't been kind to employers of all sizes and disenfranchised employees that have a need to get back to work.

Williamsville, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Decreased profits and the need to lay off employees are producing record high stress levels among business owners and additional financial burdens.

“Unemployment tax rates on remaining employees can become an unintended financial burden,” said Jack Barrett, CEO of The Outplacement Center. “This alone can be an incentive for employers to get outgoing employees back to work as soon as possible. Studies have shown that using a formal transition/outplacement program will get your former employees to work 50 percent faster and minimize the effects of paying unemployment.”

Traditional career and transitional programs have been cost prohibitive for most employers and completely out of reach for many businesses.

In an effort to keep their businesses afloat in a sea of economic uncertainty, employers have been forced to lay off workers in droves. The very measures available to employers to keep their business solvent leads to higher unemployment tax rates, placing further economic burdens on companies that may struggling simply to survive. Employers often feel a sense of guilt and responsibility for the layoffs, even though they had no choice.

The Outplacement Center has developed a solution assist displaced workers find employment quickly and efficiently. The firm has more than 20 years' experience working with businesses to provide transitional services to laid off workers. The firm's services provide a cost effective solution for companies that pays for itself through reductions in unemployment tax rates, severance packages, and workers' compensation costs.

“We know that most employers have an interest in providing a cost-effective solution that treats outgoing employees with dignity and respect, and maintains the company's corporate values and standards,” said Barrett. “Our programs provide a number of additional benefits to both employers and employees.”

The Outplacement Center offers custom programs and materials to meet the needs and objectives of individual businesses. On-site, in-house and online options are available, along with webinars and social media resources to help keep costs low. The firm assists businesses of all sizes to get employees back to work 50 percent quicker than those who don't utilize an outplacement program, with significant savings and premium services to help companies survive even in the current economy.

To learn more about The Outplacement Center, Barrett can be reached by phone at 716-913-4445 or via email at jack(at)theoutplacementcenter(dot)com. For more information, visit the website at

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