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Symbolist Launches a New Approach to Recognition and Reward Systems


After celebrating 20 years' of successful operation as The Miller Company, Symbolist reaches back to a 19th Century art movement to inspire a fresh approach to the design of Recognition and Reward Systems.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

It's time for a new approach… The current Recognition/Incentive industry paradigm of, “Look at my technology, look at my awards, your people will love them” is screaming for a better way – a way that acknowledges the reality of human beings in the workplace. Each day, across the world, people walk in the places where they work with the hope that, somehow, along with making a living, they can make a difference. Organizations benefit by creating an environment where people understand why they matter as individuals, and how they personally contribute to company success. Symbolist understands this and builds Recognition and Reward Systems that help companies be better places to work by creating stronger personal connections between the individual and the organization.

The decision to transform The Miller Company to Symbolist came out of a chance visit company president, Tom Miller, made to the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, France. While there, Tom spent time in the Symbolist Exhibit. There, while reflecting on the values of the Symbolist movement - the idea that mood and emotion are as important as “information” and that the Symbolists sought to engage the entire mind and personality of the audience – Tom decided that to truly build brands and engage people, a greater focus on the emotion of success was needed.

“People come to the table as a whole person – mind, body and emotions – and it is the connection of the whole person that creates the greatest impact on engagement and productivity.” Research is showing that emotions are a main influencer of our performance and where real engagement happens. People want to make a difference and feel like they are making a contribution to things that matter – and the symbols a company uses can define the culture and create that emotional connection.

While Symbolist employs a complete technology suite that is quick to launch and easy to mange, along with a comprehensive reward portfolio to deliver meaning in your programs – it is the time spent creating the symbols of engagement that make programs more human – more engaging. Symbols can be behaviors, images, or 3-dimensial items that connect you audience to the company culture, to fellow employees or to clients, vendors and/or suppliers.

“Ultimately, companies and their leadership want to connect with their audiences emotionally – not just transactionally,” says Miller. “And engagement is more about the image and the design than it is about some shiny new web interface. The art of great program design is in the symbols and images that communicate the heartbeat of a company.”

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About Symbolist

Symbolist creates emotional connections between brands and people by linking today's technology to the enduring symbols of success and rewards specific to each company's unique personality and value set. We do this by helping engage your employees, your channel partners and your consumers, with expertly designed incentive, recognition and reward initiatives. Our unique way of creating these programs creates a sustainable personal connection to the people that drive your business success.

Through Symbolist programs companies engage their people and build their brand – at an emotional level.

Symbolist helps companies create a place where people want to be.

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