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Using Frozen Donor Eggs for Fertility Treatment Moves into Mainstream after Industry-Wide Approval


Donor Egg Bank USA Makes Donor Egg Usage More Affordable and Accessible

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Fertility treatment options took a giant leap forward when the American Society of Reproductive Medicine announced that freezing a woman's eggs should no longer be labeled experimental. The association found that today's egg freezing techniques produce comparable to IVF cycles using fresh eggs. This means that the use of frozen donor eggs is on its way to becoming a standard fertility treatment, and could eventually replace the use of fresh donor eggs altogether.

While the announcement may sound like a simple label change, it represents a significant move in the approach to fertility treatment – and new hope for thousands of fertility patients who need donor eggs to have a family.

Donor Egg Bank USA, the nation's premiere frozen donor egg bank, has seen requests continue to rise as couples seek affordable, convenient and worry-free fertility care. Donor Egg Bank USA is the nation's only donor egg bank program developed through the collaboration of more than 100 top reproductive specialists across the country. This collaborative approach guarantees a consistent and high standard of egg freezing technology in all network centers.

In the past, patients who did not have their own viable eggs had to use traditional (fresh) egg donor methods. This required first synchronizing the donor's and recipient's menstrual cycles, retrieving eggs from then donor, then transferring fertilized embryos to the woman who will carry the baby – a process that could take up to a year to complete. The cost for using traditional egg donor methods can be prohibitive, costing up to $38,000 and offering no guarantee that a patient will receive the eggs she needs.

By contrast, a frozen donor egg cycle can be completed in one to two months for less than half the cost. Couples are guaranteed to receive the eggs they need, without the uncertainty of a lengthy screening and retrieval process.

Heidi Hayes, CEO of Donor Egg Bank USA, deeply understands the donor egg process on a personal and professional level. Heidi has had two children through donor eggs, and has experienced the ups and downs of fertility treatment first hand.

“The road of fertility treatment can be a bumpy one,” Hayes says. “Using frozen donor eggs can make it a little easier. Our goal is to assist fertility patients in their dream of having a baby by providing a quicker, more affordable treatment process. Using frozen donor eggs can save thousands of dollars and months in treatment. Through our 100% Assured Refund Program, patients can even receive a refund if they do not have a baby.”

Dr. Francisco Arredondo of Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas agrees. “This is an important development in fertility treatment options,” he says.”Because frozen donor eggs are less costly, more people will now have access to this treatment option. In addition, Donor Egg Bank USA offers fertility patients who need to use donor eggs access to a much larger donor pool.”

For years, fertility patients have been able to select a sperm donor online. With Donor Egg Bank USA, they can now select an egg donor the same way. Hopeful parents can access profiles of donors online, and then have eggs shipped from the egg bank to a facility in the Donor Egg Bank USA network.

Families who choose to use donor eggs through Donor Egg Bank USA receive the added financial security of a 100% Assured Refund Plan™, which offers a full refund if the patient does not deliver a baby.


Donor Egg Bank USA is a frozen donor egg program developed through the collaboration of more than 100 of the country's top reproductive specialists and available at more than 55 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Donor Egg Bank USA offers immediate access to a broad donor egg pool and uses advanced freezing technology to produce success rates similar to traditional (fresh) donor egg programs. Using frozen eggs from Donor Eggs Bank USA requires less time than a fresh donor egg cycle (1-2 months versus 3-12 months in a traditional cycle), and is more affordable. Donor Egg Bank USA offers the financial security of a 100% Assured Refund Plan™ if a couple does not deliver a baby. Donor Egg Bank USA offers frozen egg fertility options to couples nationally and across the globe. For more information:, 855-344-2265

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