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New NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield Invention Assures Smudge-free Mascara Application


Enhance Lashes in a Flash: Coat & Build Lashes Effortlessly and Apply Mascara Freely for a Flawless Application Every Time

Steubenville, OH (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

The NOSMUDGEE Company of Steubenville, Ohio, announces the launch of the new NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield, a unique device that effectively solves a commonly occurring problem of mascara smudging and smearing onto the skin near the eyelashes during application. This recent invention provides a mascara shield that assists in the application of mascara to the eyelashes for an even, complete application without coming in contact with the skin or disturbing makeup around the eyes.

The NOSMUDGEE shields excess mascara from the eyelids, so the user can coat and build the lashes effortlessly. By simply holding the NOSMUDGEE in any direction behind the lashes, the user may apply mascara freely for a flawless smudge-free application every time. Paula Tsoni of says 'Much to our relief, a simple yet salutary new beauty essential...100% smudge-free, 100% effective... The NOSMUDGEE makes mascara application easier than ever...undoubtedly the new makeup must have for your beauty case.'

Designed to enhance both personal and professional mascara application, the NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield is a versatile, effective tool which readily adapts to any make-up routine. Whether the user desires to apply mascara more quickly or apply mascara at length for a more glamorous look, this mascara shield allows the user to apply as much mascara as desired without the risk of the mascara wand touching the eyelids.

My Fashion Juice at t just discovered the 'great way of applying mascara without the smudge...this genius product called the NOSMUDGEE...a mascara shield that helps you create gorgeous lashes without the smudges Create that look as if a pro...' The use of this mascara shield during mascara application virtually eliminates the frustration of smears and smudges.

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo of '(considers) this dilemma solved...The NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield is a basic tool that helps create luscious, gorgeous lashes without smears or smudges.'

Stacia Michetti of likes that for her, NOSMUDGEE eliminates the need for an eyelash curler: ' personal fave, curl by holding your lashes against the card with the mascara brush. No smudges, smears, or pulled out lashes; just fabulous lashes.' For others, it compensates for actual physical limitations while applying mascara. Now even those with impaired vision or limited dexterity can apply mascara smudge-free.

The NOSMUDGEE makes mascara application so simple and easy that mascara can even be applied without the use of a mirror when necessary. According to Ellen Ross 'Get ready to be amazed and relieved all at the same time. NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield is going to make your beauty routine a lot easier. All you have to do is hold it behind your eyelashes while you apply your mascara.' After each use the NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield can be wiped clean with a tissue and reused again.

The NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield presents a opportunity to be one of the first to experiment with using a brand new invention to solve an everyday mascara application problem. Anyone who enhances her lashes using the NOSMUDGEE, then submits a pic to will see her fabulous lashes posted on the website.

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