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Learn How This 82 Year Old Man Burns Excessive Amounts of Fat While He is Sleeping and Sitting On His Couch


For the first time ever Dr. Mike announces his his new fat burning program to melt away that unwanted fat literally while you are sleeping. This easy program will get you burning more fat and building more lean muscle than ever before. The best part it only takes one hour a week.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

"More and more people are eating poorly, exercising less, and frankly just not taking care of themselves. We are becoming a disease ridden society and it is only getting worse." Says Dr Mike." There are so many people out there looking to change their life for the better. Obesity and Diabetes are on the rise and affecting the young people as well. This is a serious problem and must be stopped."

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Time is something that gets harder and harder for parents, children, significant others, and of course grandparents to make more of. If there was a time machine time machine everything would go absolutely wonderful and everybody's lives would be perfect. There would never be a worry about making enough time. There would be abundant, stress free, and disease free lives to go around.

Reality check, time machines do not exist. Although it is always fun to fantasize.

Dr Mike explains. "After training top athletes, kids, the elderly, and the everyday Joe, time is always the biggest factor. While training all of these amazing people not only was time a factor but most people didn't have a clue how to actually work out. Most of these people are just wasting their time. Sure you have heard the story of the person who goes to the gym works out, has an amazing diet and just can't get that unwanted weight off."

Dr Mike has a solution.

"This brings me to the 82 year old man (Ralph) who is literally burning all his unwanted fat while he is sleeping. Ralph works out only 1 hour per week and he has changed the way his body produces energy. He is now burning fat for energy like the human body is suppose to. Ralph is not only losing fat, but also he is gaining lean muscle and not to mention the medications he has gotten off of." To hear from Ralph himself click on the word Ralph's video below.

Ralph's Video

No way that cannot be true.

Dr Mike teaches us the science behind this process. "While exercising it is important to workout at 90% of your max heart rate. This is a sugar burning zone. Now we only want to work out at this level for a short time. When this is done properly, the human body actually does the opposite thing for the next 36 hours, and that would be burn fat. If the program is put together properly the body will not only burn an excessive amount of fat, you will also build lean muscle."

Most people go to the gym and work out at 60% to 70% of the max heart rate for a long period of time. This is a fat burning zone so the body is burning fat. On the other hand the body does the opposite thing for the next 36 hours and burns sugar. Where does the body pull all that sugar from? That's right the muscles. So now the body is breaking down muscles when it needs to build lean muscle.

This process and program is proven and it changes lives forever. Knowing the secrets to burning fat and building lean muscle, not only will improve whole body health, but also save a tremendous amount of time.

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