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Integrity Health Coaching for Women Releases Informational Video


Integrity Health has released an informational video describing the 5 keys to better health for women and their families.

Bedford, New Hampshire (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Integrity Health Coaching has re-released their informational video related to the reasons why women struggle with weight loss. The video touches upon some of the underlying reasons why weight loss for women is so difficult and perplexing.

Rocco Boulay, CEO and founder of Integrity Health states; "Along with women having to figure out why they begin to gain weight in their mid-thirties to fifty they also have to contend with providing proper nutrition to their families.

There are a plethora of chemicals in conventional foods today making eating healthy a real challenge for moms. With children it's even more challenging because food has been made to taste so good. Chances are if kids can have it their way and they're loving it because it's finger licking good, it's probably not the real thing." That's where education regrading real healthy foods is essential.

The video also touches on the neurological component of how we think about food. What cravings we get when we think of foods and the experiences related to those cravings all have an impact on recognizing and changing behavior.

Lastly, the video informs women of the "hormone mimicking" properties of many chemicals in our foods and environment. Many of these chemicals mimic the estrogen hormone in females. These hormones can be found not only in conventional foods via herbicides and pesticides but also found in many cosmetic products and plastic containers.

Consequently many females who are exposed to these chemicals battle with conditions related to overexposure. Conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, overarian, uterine and breast cancers are just a few conditions that may be alleviated by restricting exposure to these chemicals. In fact, many young girls today are beginning menstruation by nine years of age which these chemicals may be playing a role.

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