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Wapifi introduces CodeTwisters ™ - A unique tool to generate dynamic, trackable QR codes


Business owners and marketing professionals agree that CodeTwisters is a gem when compared to other QR Code generators on the internet

Reston, Va (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

“Design a custom QR code... Give them a reason to scan it... and make sure it looks good on a mobile phone” This is the simple formula Wapifi uses to help small businesses drive more business with QR codes. To get this accomplished Rogers designed CodeTwisters ™, a powerful QR code generator and design tool built into one application. There are 3 versions, a free and two paid versions. All 3 are dynamic and trackable. This means that after a QR code is generated with CodeTwisters ™ it can be updated to connect to a different website or url and the number of scans can be tracked. What makes CodeTwisters ™ really unique is how you can apply different designs to your QR code. You can do everything from changing colors and adding an image in the free version to full custom designs and working one on one with a real human designer in the “Wapified” version.

Wapifi stresses that it is important to give your customers or prospects a good reason to scan your QR code.    “Putting it on you business card or car window won't automatically get people scanning.” Entice them with a special offer or other benefit they will receive when they scan. Lastly, connect them to a website that looks good on their smart phone, usually this means a mobile website. Rogers adds that “If you don't have a mobile site, most social and blog platforms automatically convert well for mobile devices.

Rogers wants to show businesses how to use a custom QR code as part of an integrated marketing program that helps plug prospects and customers into their brand. Wapifi's motto is “We take the terror out of technology” and their mission is to help small business adopt web based technologies they can use to ultimately generate more business. Small businesses interested in using QR codes to drive more customers, increase sales and integrate their marketing efforts are encouraged to connect with Wapifi. .

How to create a custom QR code for your business.

CodeTwisters ™ Free Version
In the free version the user enters the URL to connect to, then designs the way the QR code will look by uploading a small image to be placed in the center of the code and then changing the color to something other than black. The final image can be saved, or emailed in PNG and PDF format.    From there all you have to do is print it.

CodeTwisters ™ Premium version
For $49 a user can change the style and color of the QR code's corners and the body. Some of the choices are dots, torn edges, a liquid effect or rounded. This version requires a human designer to apply the effects so the turnaround time is 24-48 hours. Customers receive hi-res jpeg and a vector EPS file that can be changed to any size without effecting the image quality

CodeTwisters ™ Wapified version
For $99 a user will work one on one with a professional designer to create a custom QR code from scratch. Turnaround time is 24-48 hours and customers receive a hi-res jpeg and a vector EPS file of their QR code that can be changed to any size without effecting the image quality

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