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Spectrus Workbooks Released—the Most Comprehensive Software for Advanced Analytical Chemistry Interpretation


Effective November 1st 2012, ACD/Labs is releasing the first set of its new generation software for analytical chemistry experts on the Spectrus platform. The portfolio of Workbooks provide an intuitive interface and expert algorithms to help scientists extract answers from analytical data collected from a broad array of instrument makes and types. Chemical context and knowledge-sharing tools, an integral part of these applications, allows the individual's expertise and findings to benefit the whole organization.

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

ACD/Labs announces that, effective November 1, 2012, the complete portfolio of technique-specific Spectrus Workbooks (release 2012) will be available.

Workbooks are used by spectroscopists, spectrometrists, and separations scientists to expedite advanced data processing and chemically-relevant interpretation, conveniently at their desktops. Continuing collaborations with major instrument vendors enable ACD/Labs software to support most instrument vendor file formats across numerous analytical techniques including NMR, LC/MS, GC/MS, HPLC, IR, UV, and Raman. Integrated chemical structure handling instantly gives chemical context to spectral data. This offers scientists greater confidence in structure confirmation and verification, and results in more efficient and effective decision-making. Knowledge management capabilities, an integral part of every Workbook, speed up dereplication, spectral search, review of prior results, and sharing of interpretation expertise organization-wide.

In addition to ACD/Spectrus Processor that became available in 2011, the current release brings the following technique-specific Workbooks to the ACD/Spectrus platform:

  •     ACD/Chrom Workbook
  •     ACD/Curve Workbook
  •     ACD/MS Workbook Suite
  •     ACD/NMR Workbook
  •     ACD/Optical Workbook
  •     ACD/Spectrus Workbook

The products and modules under the Spectrus platform are the new generation of popular ACD/Labs software, which feature:

  •     All-in-one processing, analysis, and structure confirmation—designed to assist in the interpretation of analytical, chromatographic, and chemical project data
  •     Comprehensive multi-technique reports at the click of a button
  •     Powerful databasing for improved storage and retrieval of live spectral and chromatographic data, analytical and chemical information, reactions, and schemata
  •     Automation, workflow tracking, and enterprise level solutions
  •     The ability to easily customize and integrate with LIMS, ELNs, registries, and other informatics tools, making Spectrus an integral part of the corporate knowledge management infrastructure on the laboratory or organizational level

The Spectrus portfolio will continue to be expanded through 2013, with novel functionality added to the Workbooks, as the new Spectrus Platform expands to support numerous new capabilities. Pertinent announcements will be available on
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About ACD/Labs
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs) is a chemistry software company that develops and commercializes enterprise and desktop solutions to support R&D efforts, and preserve and re-use legacy chemical and analytical knowledge. ACD/Labs' areas of expertise include a unique knowledge management solution; spectroscopic data processing and interpretation for NMR, MS, LC/MS, IR, UV, other optical, and hyphenated instrumental techniques; chemical structure confirmation, verification, and elucidation; impurity, metabolism, and degradation research; ADME-Tox and physicochemical property prediction, and property-based lead optimization; chromatographic method development and optimization; and chemical nomenclature. We also provide integration with existing Informatics systems and undertake custom projects including enterprise-level automation. A private company founded in 1994, ACD/Labs has worldwide sales and support presence, with offices in N. America, Europe, and Asia. (

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