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How To Catch A Scammer – Dream-Marriage's Anti Scam Tactics Revealed


Dream-Marriage reveals one of its primary tactics in the battle against scammers.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

An online dating community is built on trust. If a member feels even the least bit exposed, they are likely to high tail it out of there without so much as a second thought of sticking around. Why would you when there are so many dating sites to choose from online. While many sites lay claim to having security intact to protect its clients from spammers and scammers, very few substantiate their claims. Dream-Marriage, however, prefers transparency.

Typically, most anti-scam operations or retroactive, which means that necessary action is only taken when wrong-doing has already been perpetrated. A user is banned and the problem is seemingly resolved; however, how does one make sure that user never succeeds again? Dream-Marriage employs a team dedicated solely to tracking and blacklisting these users thereby proactively keeping their online dating network devoid of repeat offenders and discouraging others from even bothering to try.

There are a few ways a scammer can be spotted:

  •     Complaints from other users
  •     Alerts sent off by the use of certain keywords closely associated with various scams

Dream-Marriage takes these steps further with “Confirmed Profile” – a thorough verification process. Every three months, Dream-Marriage's Member Liaison team selects members at random to participate in this verification process. Once engaged, they are asked a series of questions specific to the information provided in their personal profile as well as proof of identification. Provided, the member in question can satisfactorily answer the verification questions, the investigation is concluded and their profile is stamped with a “Confirmed Profile” badge.

Grounds for expulsion can go into effect if after three attempts the member fails to answer Dream-Marriage's communiqués. As an added measure, some members may be asked to confirm their identity via live video chat. If a member is found out to be a scammer, Dream-Marriage adds their profile as well as their IP address to a blacklist database in order to prevent scammers from re-registering. The “Confirmed Profile” process is a hands-on approach Dream-Marriage employs alongside the more technologically advanced encryption methods, but it has proven to be quite effective.

For more information regarding Dream-Marriage's anti-scam policies and tactics, contact Malcolm Davies.

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