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IOBA Offers Lower Tuition, a Free iPad 3 and Classes on How to Make Money in Your Sleep to Increase Enrollment for Online Certifications


The International Online Business Academy gives newly enrolled students low tuition, training on how to make money in their sleep and their choice of an iPad 3 or a free laptop.

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Is it possible for people to make money in their sleep? The idea sounds weird, crazy and even a little shady. Naturally, any thinking person would say “that is impossible, it is a myth.”

Not so, says the International Online Business Academy (IOBA), an avocational training organization based in Tampa, Florida. They say not only is it possible, but they will teach people how to do it.

The IOBA is offering online certification courses on how to use the internet to make money for any business. Students obtain professional certification as an Online Marketing Manager, Coach, Trainer, Speaker or Author. They also offer other courses and certifications in Guerrilla Marketing, How to Start a New Business and How to Put Your Business Online.

Even though the concept of making money in your sleep seems a lot like a late night infomercial pitch, it is not quite as far-fetched as it initially sounds.

Technically speaking, there are many entrepreneurs acting as absentee owners, making money without ever being physically present at their business. Consider the coin laundry or payphone owner whose equipment collects money from patrons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It could be said they are making money “in their sleep.”

“We teach people how to stop trading time for money. Our students will learn exponential leveraging, passive and residual methods for generating income,” said Maurice W. Evans, the school's founder and chancellor, “Once they discover the secret to making money in new ways, they can start generating income on demand.”

The IOBA is currently taking applications for those who want to become a Certified Online Marketing Manager (CMM). Earning a Professional CMM can add value to a person's CV. New skills could be used to handle their current or prospective employer's online marketing, possibly earning a raise or promotion. Alternatively, they have the ability to do work-for-hire freelancing for local businesses or use their skills to create their own online business. The IOBA says this means they need never seek a job again.

Under their current enrollment drive program, students receive and keep their choice of an iPad3 or a laptop with all accessories and software needed to be an Online Marketing Manager. Plus, students get a money-back guarantee. A refund will be given if, after 365 days of using the systems, the student has not earned an amount equal to or greater than what they paid for tuition.

The Academy uses a combination of live, virtual classes, self-study videos and in-person trainings. Experienced coaches and trainers from around the world teach students using everyday language and practical application. There are no educational requirements necessary to qualify for enrollment, says the Academy.

These days, after considering the rising costs of traditional Universities, many people are making the decision to enroll in alternative higher education organizations like the IOBA. Tuition at the International Online Business Academy can be as low as one-tenth the cost of going to a traditional university. The fact that certification includes hands-on training and many students begin earning money while still enrolled is just a bonus.

“Students get equipped with everything they need to be successful. They will never need to look for a job again,” assures Mr. Evans who, as a business coach, has helped thousands of professionals globally since 1992.

“We are not just passing along information. We provide hands on training,” says Evans, who is a certified coach, trainer and speaker in guerrilla marketing through Jay Conrad Levinson and leadership through John C. Maxwell.

First semester starts in February 2013. However, applications are being accepted for a special prelaunch pilot training program starting Mid-November. November's class is limited to 50 students who want to be a part of a founding alumni class. They will take the Certified Online Marketing Manager Course.

A free course preview and introductory video webinar is available for viewing 24/7 by going to the IOBA website. Entering your name and email address will provide instant access to the video presentation giving the course overview, certification procedure and benefits.

Anyone can register for a free course preview or get more information at the IOBA website: and Like their Facebook page at:

About IOBA
The International Online Business Academy (IOBA) is an independent training organization offering certification courses for coaches, speakers, authors, managers and trainers who use the internet to create profit in the marketplace. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and serving students throughout the world, IOBA is poised to become the premiere next-generation training system for current and future entrepreneurs. To learn more about the IOBA, go to

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