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New Nonfiction Release Follows Couple as Their Life's Journey Leads Them to Help Abandoned and Forgotten in Vietnam; Book by Audrey M. Insoft


Author Audrey M. Insoft's experience with a very special couple inspired this new Dog Ear Publishing nonfiction release. The story of Sandy and Paul Pinkerton provides an amazing source of strength and inspiration for families eager to embark on the unpredictable journey of international adoption, and for those still looking for POWs and MIAs in foreign lands.

Pound Ridge, NY (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Paul Pinkerton was scared and uncertain when he was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War in 1968. Paul hastily married his young girlfriend, Patricia, and was soon deployed to Vietnam where his single-minded focus became survival and returning home to his new bride, notes this new book. Fortunately, Paul made it back safely, but returned from the war angry and haunted by the past, a changed man. Tormented, Paul returned to Vietnam nearly two decades later to look for the POWs and MIAs who were left behind. In a series of life-altering trips, Paul searched for, and found evidence, that led to the recovery of five missing Americans.

Meanwhile, Sandra (Sandy) Campbell was working through her own personal issues. Abandoned by her mother, Hazel, as a small child, Sandy was raised by her aunt and uncle; her birthfather was a shadowy figure, his identity hinted at but never confirmed by Hazel. After Hazel's death, Sandy found her birthfather, but her joy in finding him was short-lived and the reunion didn't fill the void left by her unhappy childhood. When Sandy and her husband, Richard, were unable to conceive, Sandy pursued adoption with a single-minded passion, but by the time they adopted a little girl, Hannah, their relationship was turbulent.

By chance, these two strangers crossed paths one Valentine's Day; Sandy was helping a family member at her floral shop when Paul delivered an order of roses from his greenhouse. Immediately the two were drawn to one another, and over the next few months it became apparent they belonged together. Extricating themselves from their marriages, they embarked upon a new chapter in their lives. Paul continued to travel to Vietnam, both to search for missing Americans and to help other veterans heal their emotional scars. Sandy realized that Vietnam was an integral part of Paul's life and was eager to experience the country that continued to draw him back. Traveling together, Sandy was struck not only by the beauty of Vietnam but by the numerous children who appeared homeless and abandoned, spurring her to inquire about Vietnamese adoption. By sheer luck, they stumbled across an American man with his adopted Vietnamese son and the Vietnamese woman who had helped with his adoption. This fateful meeting set in motion a new career for the pair as adoption facilitators.

"Divine Fate" is a fascinating story about a brave and resilient American couple who made tremendous personal sacrifices to help the abandoned and forgotten in Vietnam. The couple facilitated more than 400 adoptions, including three of their own. The story of the Pinkertons and the families they helped is poignant and inspirational, with twists and turns that will make readers marvel at the strange ways in which fate often plays a key role in one's life.

Author Audrey M. Insoft met the Pinkertons when they facilitated the adoption of her son, and their story captured her imagination. Hours of interviews with Paul and Sandy as well as their friends and families provided her with the fodder for this, her first book. Insoft, who earned an associate's degree in journalism as well as a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in adult education and instructional design, lives in Westchester County in New York with her husband and her son.

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Divine Fate
Audrey M. Insoft
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-1329-9            304 pages                 $19.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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