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In lieu of Hurricane Sandy, Top Penny Stock Newsletter group, Continues to See Strong Subscriber Numbers

Share: continues to see growth in subscriber numbers to their website, even as hurricane Sandy takes attention away from investments. They continue to research the top penny stock picks for their clients.

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

In the midst of a terrible hurricane that has been hitting the East Coast, one would not really expect people to be searching about penny stock information online, and especially considering that the American stock market halted trading today. Surprisingly enough, even with the majority of online searches being hurricane related, Penny Stock Dream has managed to continue to pull a steady number of subscribers to its penny stock newsletter platform, most of which found them via online searches of penny stock investment keywords. When one considers the strong influx of visits to their website coming from, from those interested in buying penny stocks, even during these tumultuous times, it stands to reason that many expect a serious surge in subscriber numbers to after the hurricane has passed. After all, if they can see sustained growth during a time when attention is cast away from the markets, there is no telling how far this groups top penny stock picks will fare when the markets are back up and running and the weather has returned to normal.

It has been made loud and clear that this penny stock newsletter group has been growing fast; in fact, no penny stock newsletter has grown this quickly while still offering the level of service that has become a staple of Not only has this firms free subscribers seen potential gains of over 800% within the past two weeks but they have remained one of the most socially oriented promotion groups involved in the penny stock exchange. Investors have been flocking to this group in larger numbers because they recognize that Penny Stock Dream has their true interests at heart and works tirelessly to ensure that they are alerted to what they truly feel to be the top penny stocks. As their numbers grow, so does the strength of their intricate alert system. As more people begin to get involved, the alerts are naturally able to be spread to a greater number of people than ever before. If Penny Stock Dream can manage to grow at such a rate in the midst of hurricane Sandy, while still working earnestly to deliver the best penny stock information to their clientele, it comes as no surprise that they are expected to have such heightened expansions. The duration of 2012 will be a very interesting time period for all those that have subscribed to the free penny stock newsletter alert system found through

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