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Britax Car Seat Reviews: Child Safety Should NOT be Compromised


As any parent knows, there are many options available when it comes to car seats for infants, toddlers, and children. Parents also know, for one reason or another, that "you get what you pay for" when it comes to consumer products. Car seats are one product where it gets dangerous for the kids when people start "bargain shopping". Reliable Online Product Reviews releases a Britax car seat review.

(PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Parents with young children have probably noticed by now that most car seats are not actually very safe at all. Worrisome is the wiggle and jiggle from side to side, "extra" straps that don't seem to have a place, hard-to-tighten belts, and other imperfect safety functions.

Britax car seats aim to close the gap on child safety.

Meeting only 'minimum-regulation' safety requirements by opting for the bargain-brand child safety seat is like playing Russian Roulette with a child. People spend untold amounts of money each month on policies which insure their health, life, and cars. So why not spend a bit of "extra" cash on a brand proven to provide optimal safety for the most precious cargo of all? It only makes sense.

States John Taggart of Reliable Online Product Reviews, "Before Britax, my wife and I (we have three young boys) had used a couple other popular brands (Graco & Nautilus, and probably at least one other brand that I can't recall), but always with an unsettled feeling. I had every buckle, loop, strap, clip, and thingamadoodle locked into place, as instructed, cinched as tight as I could muster, leaning all of my weight into the seat as I pulled straps to their most secure fittings. Despite this effort, I could always jiggle the seat back and forth, and it was very disturbing. The most precious cargo imaginable is not all that safe in these "leading brand" car seats. Praise God we never got a "real" test of function (no accidents), but I was always a bit uneasy with the thought of being hit, especially from the side (if you've experienced the side-to-side jiggle that I described, can you imagine the whip that your child would get if your car got hit from the side?). I tried not to think about it."

This is not uncommon, to be sure. Most child safety car seats leave something to be desired, and the concern among parents has become more prevalent in recent times. The dialogue surrounding child car seat safety is getting more and more press, and it's due time for it.

Reliable Online Product Reviews has now released a review on Britax car seats, covering its most popular models of child safety seats. Click Here for the review.

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