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Hurricane Sandy Smashes SEO Company in Orange County


Orange County SEO Company obliterated by Superstorm Sandy as she bashes the coast with unexpectedly high waves and storm surge. Dangerous winds, flooding, and power outage shut down the local business with a reported loss of $50,000 in assets.

Orange County, FL (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

As forecasted, Hurricane Sandy collided with a cold front and spawned a "superstorm" which resulted in catastrophic flooding, tropical storm force winds, and widespread power outages in over 16 states, impacting over 50 million people. Governors of the states affected urged residents to take the threat seriously and make sure they were prepared for the worst.

Wreaking havoc for the local Internet marketing company Orange County SEO, the Superstorm sent powerful waves, water and debris into the company's building and office space. Relentless surges of water and wind exploded the windows of the small office, shattering the glass, knocking down a wall, and completely destroying the business's assets.

“It was complete chaos.. we were all shocked because it hit so fast. The waves just wouldn't stop crashing through our door. Our secretary was swept under the water, but luckily she grabbed ahold of a desk and wasn't injured. We were all really scared, trying to make sure we were all ok. Everyone survived, but our office is ruined.”

The company reports losing over $50,000 in company assets, including computer systems, proprietary marketing software, complete workstations, furniture, and important databases of information.

Fortunately, the company has several satellite offices where they have backups of all their client data, so none of their internet marketing clients or customers will be compromised. Waiting to recover electricity and a clearance from the local authorities, the associates of the Orange County SEO Company wait patiently to go back into the office and assess the damage.

With top wind speeds of 90 mph, Sandy whipped torrents of water over the streets of Orange County, stretching for blocks inland and destroying many parts of the town. The storm surge set records in this area, and flooded substations caused a widespread power outage. It swamped beach fronts and delivered hurricane-force winds to the coastal properties as it came ashore.

As Sandy moves north continuing to pummel the coast, the monster storm has now taken several lives and many other small businesses have perished. Subways are flooded, airports are shut down, and over 4 million people will be without electrical power for several days.

Authorities say they are currently unable to provide assistance to people in many of the affected areas, encouraging people seek higher ground, watch over their families, stay smart and be patient until the storm passes.

About Orange County SEO

Internet marketing company providing search engine optimization services for small to large businesses.

About Superstorm Sandy

Category 1 Hurricane Sandy originating in the Atlantic Ocean merged with a cold front as it neared the East Coast of the United States, becoming “Superstorm Sandy” after losing its Hurricane status. The storm spreads over 700 miles, impacts over 16 states, and is now being considered a catastrophic natural disaster.

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