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Spartan Race Announces a New Blog Series Containing Tips for Individual Financial Savings Success


Spartan Race announces a new blog series on how racers can save money in order to participate in Spartan Races as well as other goals in their lives.

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

On October 30, obstacle race Spartan Race announces a new series on financial planning by writer Chris Rutz called Money, Money, Money. Money, Money, Money – Part I is a financial planning guide for personal savings strategies and for participants in upcoming Spartan Races.

According to Chris Rutz, personal finances can hinder any want or need that an individual might encounter. Rutz states, “Finding money in your budget to travel to a Spartan Race can be tough. We all have obligations that we have made that are necessary expenses and almost all of us have some discretionary income.”

Rutz encourages people to understand that personal savings is not an impossible feat. Taking certain responsibilities and practicing “discretionary spending” will not only help save money but will increase personal savings as well. “Eating out is something I never really enjoyed due to its cost and now with the close focus I have on my nutrition, I hardly ever eat out. This saves a lot of money. I am also a big do-it-yourselfer. I wash and detail my own car, clean my own house, maintain my own yard, and try to fix my stuff when it is broken. All of this frees up cash to do take advantage of experiences. Little things add up to, that magazine, that app/download, or that cup of coffee. So if you really want to carve [out] some money in your budget, look at your discretionary spending,” comments Rutz.

Part II of Money, Money, Money – How to Spend Money Wisely, will discuss how to turn discretionary saving into discretionary spending. “We are disciplined with our training, time to get disciplined with your money. Redirect some of that into a Spartan Race travel fund,” concludes Rutz.

Spartan Race, voted Outside Magazine's Best Obstacle Race in 2012, is the world's leading obstacle race series and the first of its kind to have global rankings. Spartan Race is a timed event series featuring races at three escalating distances in locations worldwide that culminate in a World Championship Finale with cash and prizes for the champions. While featuring competitive elite heats, Spartan Races are for athletes of all levels and abilities and are geared towards ripping people off their couches and into the outdoors. Check out for more information, a schedule of events or to register for a Spartan Race. For videos, please go to Their tagline touts, “You'll know at the finish line!”

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