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QMedRx Weighs Benefits of Rewarding Patients for Taking Medication


In an effort to encourage patients to take their medication, a website called HealthPrize is offering incentives to those who comply with prescription instructions. QMedRx endorses this effort, noting that it may help improve health and cut costs.

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Although many Americans are unmotivated to regularly take their prescribed medication, doing so remains critical to ensure the continued health of the patient. A recent article from Fox Business explains that those who do not adhere to their prescription instructions face a higher chance of developing more serious medical complications in the future, which in turn, will result in increased medical costs for the individual. As a specialty pharmacy, QMedRx explains that while some patients cannot see the immediate benefits of certain medications, it is vital that they comply with the suggestions of their physicians to avoid increased health complications in the future.

According to Fox Business, one company called HealthPrize is beginning to offer patients incentives to take their medication on a regularly scheduled basis. The incentives work through a point-reward system; each time a patient takes adheres to their prescription regulations, they can log and earn points through the HealthPrize website. The article explains, “Just like loyalty programs offered by airlines and banks, users can redeem their points in the HealthPrize Internet mall.” However, if the user fails to refill their prescription, they are not able to earn additional points.

While the motivation to reward patient's for taking their medication may seem generous to some, QMedRx notes that it is a great way to not only ensure continued health among patients, but also to cut costs of more serious issues that occur as a result of non-compliance. The article states, “In addition to long-term and added health problems, non-adherence to prescription drugs costs the country more than $290 billion a year. The consequences become more acute in patients suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma or a heart condition—patients that tend to have more complex medicine regimes.”

Although the HealthPrize system is still relatively new and only offered for limited prescriptions, it is expected to grow to offer incentives for diabetics and those with hypertension. The article notes that in the next year, HealthPrize will be able to determine how effective the program is in terms of overall adherence. If successful, QMedRx has hopes that such programs will become standard throughout the country. In a recent press statement, QMedRx explains, “Online medication interaction like reward point systems and surveys will likely be the future remedy to help increase patient compliance – not only visualizing, but incentivizing routine.” Although the incentives remain limited, QMedRx continues to encourage all patients to adhere to their prescription plans for ongoing health.


Founded in 1990, QMedRx provides specialty healthcare and pharmacy services through Home Care Solutions, the organization's ACHC-accredited pharmacy. Headquartered in the State of Florida, QMedRx extends its services to families that are traveling or have members living throughout multiple states. In fact, QMedRx has established a presence in 44 states and is an in-network provider for many insurance plans. Through Home Care Solutions, QMedRx provides timely and accurate prescription filling and delivery while establishing and maintaining long-term, positive relationships with both patients and their doctors.

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