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San Francisco Startup Bringing Enterprise Search to the Cloud, Looking to Talk to Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and Google Apps Users


Synata, a San Francisco startup, building the first-of-its-kind, disruptive search platform for the enterprise cloud, wants to talk to Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and Google Apps users in an effort to learn what features and functions users want so they can deliver something valuable sooner rather than later.

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Synata, building the first-of-its kind search service for the enterprise cloud, announces today that it's reaching out to gather feedback on their search platform from anyone using Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zendesk, or Google Apps.

“Call it decision-point data, or real-time insight, or anything you want, but we're going to make it insanely simple to search across your cloud data sources easily and get answers quickly.” said Patrick White, Co-founder and CEO.

But, the vision for Synata isn't just about search – it's also about giving users a really elegant way view data about a single topic or person, even when that data comes from a lot of different places. Eventually the platform will allow users to answer hard questions and find connections in their data they never knew were there.

As part of the development effort for their first release, Synata is asking users of Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and Google Apps to email to set up a time for a quick chat about their ideas and input.

Synata was formed after Patrick White and Shailesh Saini realized that all the different cloud-based enterprise apps they used were just becoming another set of data silos, falling short of the cloud's vision of data transparency and accessibility. They believe that giving users the ability to quickly and easily search across all their data sources will finally deliver the full advantage the cloud promised, and drastically change the way people use sales, marketing and customer service data.

“The cloud has fundamentally changed enterprise software,” says co-founder Patrick White, “So, enterprise search will have to fundamentally change. Synata is about two things – a ridiculously easy to setup way to search a bunch of data sources at once, and a really elegant way to combine and display data about a single topic or person, when that data might be coming from all over the place.”

In anticipation of their first release, Synata is reaching out to anyone using Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zendesk, or Google Apps to provide feedback, and discuss problems they may have working with these services, by emailing pat(dot)white(at)synata(dot)com, or signing up online at

About Synata
With enterprises migrating to the cloud, ever feel like we're just moving from silos behind the firewall, to silos in the cloud? Synata is changing the way people interact with their data that's spread across the cloud. It's not just about search - it's about finding useful connections between far flung data sets, and bringing a bunch of information, from a bunch of systems, to one screen.

Synata was founded by a group of entrepreneurs that are insanely passionate about enterprise software, and just got fed up with never being able to find anything, or get answers to hard questions from the systems they were using every day. For more information please contact synata at info(at)synata(dot)com or visit

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