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Aging Safely Walk In Bathtubs Announces A Redesign of Website, Which Boasts New and Improved Navigation and Functionality for Users.


Leading walk in tub retailer Aging Safely Walk In Bathtubs has announced a new design for This improved walk in bathtub website offers users easier navigation fields, more detailed product information and faster load times.

(PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Aging Safely is excited to announce that, on Friday, October 30, 2012, the company will launch a new, improved website that will be easier to navigate and more convenient for customers. Aging Safely Baths specializes in providing patrons with walk in bathtubs and bathroom fixtures that are suitable for making bathing accessible for seniors, those with restricted movement, and handicapped individuals. The new website will make it easier for customers to view products, so they can select the hydrotherapy tubs or roll in showers that best suits their needs.

The improved, easy to navigate website will provide potential and past customers with the opportunity to keep abreast of new safe bathing alternatives, so they can make informed decisions when choosing a walk in shower or walk in bathtub. The website will feature a new products area, so customers can quickly identify Aging Safely's most recent offerings and learn about their features.

The website will also feature information that will educate viewers about the benefits of hydrotherapy tubs. Hydrotherapy water jets or air jets can potentially enhance soaking relaxation, ease muscle pain, improve circulation and be therapeutic for those with diabetes, arthritis and other conditions that limit mobility; many purchasers may find hydrotherapy tubs a superior choice for their needs. Additionally, the website will offer information about how a hydrotherapy tub, walk in bathtub or walk in shower can help enhance a mobility restricted person's independence and health.

CEO and Founder of Aging Safely, Zach Wennstedt, said, “Many of our customers are elderly, so the new website will make it easier for them to view walk in bathtubs and roll in showers. Aging Safely's updated website will also feature a wider array of products and senior bathtubs with visual cues that make them easy to locate. Since Aging Safely represents safe bathing products from multiple manufacturers, it has the ability to continue to offer the best prices to meet customers' needs.”

Aging Safely's new website will also have faster loading times, so entering the website and browsing the many walk in tubs, hydrotherapy tubs and walk in showers will be more time-efficient. Customers will be able to view tub brands and handicap tubs at the click of a button. A videotape also provides information about some of the tubs. Sometimes customers are shopping for a walk in shower, hydrotherapy tub or wheelchair accessible bathtub on behalf of an elderly or ill family member. These customers may have full-time jobs or other family obligations, so they want to learn about the benefits of hydrotherapy or evaluate the differences between walk in tubs or showers, fast.
The new website will also offer easily accessible contact information to make it effortless for customers to make inquiries about walk in bathtubs and showers.

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