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Carlos Xuma's New Dating Report: Confidence With Women An Inherent Presidential Trait


Presidential and alpha male traits go hand in hand, according to dating expert Carlos Xuma in his new report, and that a man looking to develop confidence with women can find a demonstration of alpha male behavior on display by watching the president or presidential candidates on the offense.

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Men who want to know how to act like an alpha male need do little more than watch the presidential candidates in action, says Dating Expert Carlos Xuma in his new report on how to be confident with women.

“Men who want to be confident with women need to cultivate alpha male traits,” Xuma says. “The best way to understand what alpha male behavior is involves watching it and studying it first hand.”

And according to Xuma, this fall, there's no better opportunity to see alpha male behavior in action at the highest level than watching the presidential debates.

“Every single thing that comes out of President Barack Obama's or Republican hopeful Mitt Romney's mouth is going to demonstrate alpha male behavior,” Xuma says. “Besides movie stars and other wildly successful men in the public eye, politicians know more about showing these types of traits than most men on the planet.”

Xuma recommends that men study the way the presidential candidates move, talk, and act during the debates.

“The debates are essentially showing both candidates trying to assert alpha male dominance,” Xuma says. “Even if a guy doesn't like or agree with either candidate, the debates are worth watching just for that fact alone.”

Anybody who has reached the level of a presidential candidate or, of course, President of the United States himself knows how to be confident with women, says Xuma.

“Men who are truly confident are confident in every area of their life,” he elaborates. “For instance, a guy isn't going to be good with women and then insecure and needy in the workplace or with other guys. This confidence goes across the board. So that it is safe to say someone who has made it to the level of president or presidential candidate has it going on in the alpha male department.”

Even some gaffes by either party during the debate can be used as learning experiences when studying how to be confident with women, Xuma says.

“Alpha males aren't perfect,” Xuma explains. “But what makes the alpha male stand apart from others is how he handles his mistakes and missteps.”

Therefore, watching the debates - not just clips and highlights - will prove valuable for men learn how to adopt alpha male behavior in their own lives.

“A true alpha male can be the guy who stumbles in the debate and still comes out ahead because he handled it correctly,” Xuma says in his report. “Learning how to be a true alpha male can be as easy as turning on the TV and watching the debate.”

Carlos Xuma has been recognized for his work sharing tips on pick up artist techniques, alpha male behavior, how to find a woman, dating advice for guys, and how to get a girlfriend and spent more than a decade helping men attract women through his website, How To Attract Women. He has appeared on ABC and CBS television, as well as Playboy radio and is the author of The Bad Boy Formula, Secrets of the Alpha Male, and the Girlfriend Training Program.

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