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New Nitrogen Enriched Tire Lyna Tire Casing Care from Lyna Manufacturing Incorporated


With nitrogen added to Lyna Manufacturing's Tire Lyna TCC product line, tire pressure will remain more constant—saving both fuel and tire-maintenance costs. With nitrogen enrichment drivers get increased fuel efficiency, longer tire life and an overall safer tire.

North Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Tire Lyna's Total Casing Care (TCC) products have just received a boost. The TCC line of products by Lyna Manufacturing is now enriched with Nitrogen.

“We couldn't be more excited to debut the latest innovation in our TCC line of products. We've always prided ourselves on manufacturing the best eco-friendly products and with the enrichment of nitrogen to an already superior line of tire maintenance products we are creating an even better solution,” said President and Founder of Lyna Manufacturing Noorez Devraj.

A typical tire made for industrial use is inflated with compressed air that is a combination of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other. As gases, these elements naturally expand when heated and contract when cooled—meaning that the tire inflation pressures rise and fall with temperature changes. Enriched with nitrogen, the air is less likely to migrate through tire rubber which means tire pressure will remain more stable over the long term. Drivers using nitrogen enriched Tire Lyna TCC will be able to see a difference in their tire tread and tire casing life after just one use.

New nitrogen enriched Tire Lyna TCC will:

  •     Protect tire casing from heat and oxidation damage
  •     Dissipate tire chamber heat so that tires run cooler
  •     Protect the casing from dry rot
  •     Prevent air loss by sealing around puncture-creating objects (nails, thorns, glass, rocks, etc.

        up to ½” or 1.3 cm in diameter) while a combination of bio-fibers stop moisture from entering
        the steel belt area

  •     Operate between -80°F to 370°F (-62°C to 188°C)
  •     Not pool to the bottom or block the valve system
  •     Perform with either compressed air or nitrogen
  •     Not require TPMS
  •     Help retain casing integrity

“Tire Lyna has been saving our clients thousands of dollars in maintenance and tire operating costs for years. The infusion of nitrogen into our product line is just the next step in our continued efforts to make the most eco-friendly casing product on the market,” added Devraj.

About Lyna Manufacturing:
Lyna Manufacturing is a tire safety and tire casing solution company that began in 1994. Their mission is to produce and market cost-effective, environmentally-friendly tire safety and tire casing solutions that help increase the productivity of their customers while decreasing the volume of tires being prematurely discarded into landfills each year. Since then, they have been delivering superior tire casing solutions for Transport fleets, Industrial, OTR and Mining tires. To see what Lyna Manufacturing can do for you, visit

Available in multiple, easy-to-use applications, this is non-flammable, eco-friendly Tire Casing Care.

Tire Lyna is fast becoming one of the most sought after products for proactive transport fleets, exploring “Green” products for sustainability issues, lowering operational expenses and fuel expense. Tire Lyna provides the highest quality scientifically engineered casing solution that is made with an unconditional performance guarantee. Tire Lyna simply out performs.

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