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Simply Accounting Mobile App to be Released in November of 2012 and is Looking for Beta Sites


IntelleApps, LLC is announcing the launch of ConnectBooks—a mobile app that provides access to the Sage 50-Canadian Edition software (formerly Simply Accounting). IntelleApps is looking for Beta Test Sites to validate the functionality of ConnectBooks. ConnectBooks was first released for Sage 50-U.S. Edition (AKA Sage Peachtree) earlier this year, which already has over 200 subscribers.

Chantilly, VA (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

IntelleApps is looking for small and medium sized companies and accounting firms that use Simply Accounting to monitor and maintain the financial health of businesses with ConnectBooks. We are looking for:

  •     Small business owners who want to have anytime access to critical accounting information. We are especially looking for owners who manage multiple companies or see the need for access by multiple staffers in the company (CFO, estimators, sales staff, and field technicians).
  •     Accounting firms that support multiple companies can use the ability of ConnectBooks to switch to another company with a finger touch. Accountants in such arrangements will benefit greatly from ConnectBooks.

We are seeking Android users as the initial Beta Testers. We will seek Apple iOS testers soon thereafter with our next release.

Get ahead of competitors by previewing how ConnectBooks will contribute to the bottom line (or that of clients). We will also be looking for guidance relating to future enhancements. If there is interest in being a Beta Site for ConnectBooks for Simply Accounting and partnering with us in its future direction, please contact me using the information below:

  •     Walt Mahan, ConnectBooks Product Manager
  •     Email: WaltM(at)ConnectBooks(dot)com
  •     Phone: 703-657-0073

Historically, owners and accountants have been unable to access their critical accounting data when away from the office. Constant access to data is essential to properly manage cash flow each month, which is the biggest challenge to small business owners and accountants. ConnectBooks provides that essential service so owners and accountants can continuously monitor the financial health of companies.

The Simply Accounting version of ConnectBooks accesses your accounting database directly while providing the highest level of encryption security to protect critical information. Therefore, any updates by users are immediately reflected on the home office database. Furthermore, owners can control user access to company sensitive information with the role-based feature provided.

It will also provide the following create/update capabilities using Android and iOS smartphones and tablets:

  •     Create an Estimate
  •     Create a Contract from an Estimate
  •     Create an Invoice from a Contract
  •     Update an Invoice
  •     Update a Contract
  •     Update an Estimate

One of the advantages of Simply Accounting is that it is multi-cultural in that it supports multiple languages (English, French, and Spanish). ConnectBooks supports those languages and will continue to support Spanish until support is dropped by Sage in October of 2013. Likewise, ConnectBooks supports the three cultural currencies including the Canadian dollar, the U.S. dollar, and the Peso.

With ConnectBooks, users are presented with the Main Menu that displays (users can drill down into the line item level):

  •     Accounts: Displays the Chart of Accounts such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, and other accounts that each user can customize so that only specified accounts are displayed.
  •     Customers: Displays a complete list of customers with the ability to drill down into outstanding balance, address, website, contact information,and transactions. Maps and driving directions are supported.
  •     Customer Transactions: Lists all customers by Estimates, Contracts, Bills (Invoices), and Receipts. Users can drill down for supporting detail information.
  •     Suppliers: Displays a complete list of vendors with the ability to drill down into their balance, address, website, contact information, and transactions. Maps and driving directions are provided.
  •     Supplier Transactions: Lists all vendors by Quotes/Orders, Invoices, and Payments. Users can drill down into detail information.
  •     Inventory: Displays quantities available, on hand, on order are available along with supplier information. When applicable, a bill of materials and attributes are available.
  •     Employees: Lists all employees including name, address, and contact information.
  •     Who Owes Me: The Who Owes Me option provides executives with a quick way to find out what companies are indebted to the company. Users can drill into invoices and line items that comprise the invoices.
  •     Who I Owe: This menu option displays all companies to whom the company is indebted. Users can drill into invoices and line items that comprise the invoices.

ConnectBooks is a mobile application that provides remote access to business accounting systems using Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets. CPAs, Executives, managers, and field technicians now have anytime, anywhere access to accounting information using the devices in a pocket or on their belt.

About the Company:

ConnectBooks for Sage 50-Canadian Edition and Sage 50-U.S. Edition are products of IntelleApps, LCC. IntelleApps is a fast growing company with an exclusive focus on developing state-of-art mobile apps for the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

IntelleApps is located in Chantilly, VA, USA and is a Sage Development Partner. Sage Corporation is the Creator and Owner of the Sage 50-Canadian Edition (formerly Simply Accounting) and Sage 50-U.S. Edition (formerly Sage Peachtree) accounting software products.

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