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Top 10 Reasons You Could Get Fired...And How to Avoid It: East Wing Group's Founder, Russ Riendeau, Releases New Audiobook Explains How To Remain Valuable


Warning: The boss is reading this list, too. Today's impatient shareholders and business owners are demanding better returns and more accountability from leadership. Darwinism is alive and well, as management is moving quicker to remove unproductive, disruptive species of workers. Executive search professional, Dr. Russ Riendeau, and author of a new business growth strategies audiobook, First, Hide The Poison Arrows, describes how professionals can improve their staying power in tough times.

Barrington, Illinois (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

As world business takes workers on an emotional rollercoaster ride of "Will I/Could I/When will I? I lose my job?" research continues to support that workers that learn more, earn more and are more likely to survive job cuts. Knowing leadership has responsiblities to maintain profits and deliver results, workers today must keep pace and take proactive measures to be relevant in one's job.

Taking the initiative right now to begin upgrading/updating/uploading new skills will help stabilize and demonstrate value, while managers sort thru reduction-in-personnel needs. Sales professionals studying the art of persuasion in a fear-based, verses opportunity-based economy, to marketing professionals understanding the key factors in neuromarketing, to CEOs that must maintain relevancy of products and services in the marketplace, all become more value to customers and the community through skills up-grading.

10 Reasons You Could Get Fired This Friday, At Exactly 3PM.

1. At 9:15am, You Didn't Know You Fired The Boss' Girlfriend. Not tuned-in.
2. Your only LinkedIn connection is your dentist. Technology and social media challenges.
3. You've not asked for any special projects in 36 months. Not self-motivated or maybe disinterested.
4. The last business book you read was when the first Bush was in office. Arrogant, ignorance, lazy.
5. You've not received nor asked for a raise in two years. You either don't need it, don't think your earned it, or the boss believes you're already overpaid.
6. You've allowed your physical health to deteriorate so your appearance and energy sends the wrong message to customers. Physical or psychological challenges ignored or unaware.
7. Your technical skills are two years behind the curve and you are still smiling during Monday morning meetings. Fear of technology, yearns for the good old days.
8. If you're a sales professional and you've not hit quota. As a result the boss didn't get bonus. Skills out-dated or wrong culture to succeed.
9. You worry constantly that you're going to get fired. You already know what they see and won't change.
10. You blame it on the market, the president, the government and fail to address what you can do to adapt and move forward.

Russ Riendeau is senior partner of East Wing Group, Inc., a retained search firm in Barrington, IL. He writes and lectures on talent acquisition strategies, and has developed programs for Northwestern University.

Media contact information: Dr. Russ Riendeau, 847-381-0977.
New Audiobook: First Hide The Poision Arrows: A new, 3-Point Strategy For Driving Sales & Leadership Effectiveness In Our Post-Recession Economy (Eyecatcher Press 2012)

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