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Construction Connection Announces Plan to Help Construction Professionals and Small to Mid-Sized Contracting Companies with Industry Basics for Smart Business


Construction Connection's educational resources target small and medium-sized businesses across the country. They aim to help struggling businesses get back on their feet and bring the construction industry into the 21st century.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

Construction Connection is launching a plan to offer assistance to small and mid-sized contracting companies, as well as individuals, with their many educational resources and services. Members of, the company's online industry-specific networking website, have access to a plethora of educational and useful resources including their partners and consulting services, informative blogs, personalized support services and more. In their mission to help individuals and construction companies increase their efficiency and profitability, Construction Connection is working to connect people with experienced experts who can show them how to grow their businesses and expand their skills and knowledge base.

Construction Connection's website is the gateway to valuable resources for both businesses and individuals. By registering and completing a free online profile, members can connect with the company's partners. The partners are made up of professionals whose expertise is particularly relevant to the construction industry. Partners include legal firms, engineers, manufacturers, consultants and many more all of whom are available to offer support and guidance. If a contractor has a question about how to best provide benefits to employees, or how the new Patient Protection Affordable Care Act will affect small businesses, he or she can consult the Construction Connection partner the Fringe Benefit Group. For help with complicated legal matters, Smith, Currie & Hancock, LLP offers thoughtful articles and expert counsel. These and other partners are there to help businesses and individuals flourish.

Members of can also seek out advice through their blog, support services and even social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. The blog covers a variety of topics and offers advice on subjects such as personal growth and motivation, how to hire the right individual and how to operate a business more efficiently for greater profitability. The support services are also immensely beneficial to members. Not only does Construction Connection boast quality, personalized support, but the co-founders of the company regularly call members on the phone to help them set up their account, enhance their personal profile or post a job opening. For a website that has over 40,000 members, this type of individual attention is unrivaled.

“We see a lot of companies owned and managed by experienced and hard-working contractors, but their businesses are struggling in the current business climate because they don't know how to market their products and services; lots of companies don't have a basic marketing plan in place and many don't even have websites. That's why we're so passionate about the support and educational aspect of Construction Connection and our Consulting SimplifiedTM program,” says Kent Leighton, co-founder of Construction Connection. Leighton and his partner Suzanne Breistol have both been in the construction industry for many years and both know how to run successful and profitable operations. They understand the value of networking with people within their own industry who can offer advice that is relevant and will make a difference.

Leighton and Breistol are determined to help small and mid-sized businesses improve their online presence, hire quality employees and find the answers that will help their businesses grow. They work with individuals to teach them how to best market their skills so that they can find the right job, whether they are a construction accountant, a superintendent or an electrician. “We're also here to listen,” says Breistol. “Sometimes the best service we can provide is just to be a caring person that listens and doesn't judge, but instead offers feedback and encouragement to help people clarify their thoughts and actions.” Construction Connection aims to help the construction industry continue to recover from a long period of decline by providing a place for people to network, find answers and advice, find a job or a new employee and build their online presence.

Construction Connection was created out of a need for a more effective and streamlined way for construction industry professionals to find the right jobs or hire new, qualified employees and to find answers and solutions to run their businesses more successfully. Construction Connection is a patent-pending, one-of-a-kind profile creating / matchmaking system that delivers effective results. The founders of Construction Connection, both industry professionals themselves, have a passion for connecting people with experts in the industry to help them find smart business solutions; they encourage experts to share their knowledge and act as resources for others. In addition to the networking system, Construction Connection provides free educational resources, so industry professionals can spend as little as 5 minutes at a time learning something new that could enhance their professional careers and grow their businesses. Construction Connection saves you time, money and aggravation by matching people to people, people to companies, companies to people, and companies to companies.

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